Chapter 655 - Black Hole Revolving Core

Chapter 655 – Black Hole Revolving Core

Within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, the bronze battle spirit that lived there howled. With the array symbols that he formed infused with his battle spirit, they immediately enveloped the Demon God Bone.

A battle spirit could be attached to any attack or weapon. Of course, this included even the energy of an array symbol!

After fusing with a wisp of battle spirit, the golden array symbols became much sharper.

Seeing this rain of golden light fall over it, the Demon God Bone screamed in horror. This sharp sound really made one’s scalp tingle with dread.

The Demon God Bone used every last bit of its strength to launch a will attack against Lin Ming, but all of its actions were useless.

Not too far away, Duanmu Qun was alarmed. Among everyone present, besides Lin Ming, he understood the most about will and battle spirits. He was also clear as to what attack method this Demon God bone used.

Ever since Lin Ming began sealing away the Demon God Bone, all of the pressure on Duanmu Qun’s body suddenly vanished. The Demon God Bone had given up its attacks on everyone else and was using its complete strength to resist Lin Ming. Even so, Lin Ming didn’t even blink; it was like he didn’t even notice it.

Was his willpower that strong?

After an incense stick of time, the screeching howls of the...

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