Chapter 654 - Peak of Ten Wings

Chapter 654 – Peak of Ten Wings

After Lin Ming killed Blackstone with a spear, Duanmu Qun’s complexion changed. Out of everyone here besides Lin Ming, he was the most clear minded!

Even though Blackstone was a Holy Land descendant, Lin Ming had killed him with absolutely no qualms. His actions were ruthless and decisive!

Seeing that Lan Xin was also controlled, Duanmu Qun fell into a panic. What should he do? She might also be killed by Lin Ming!

Taking back the long spear, a stream of blood shot out and Blackstone’s body shook and he took several steps back. His eyes were still blood red, his hands covering this neck as he stared at Lin Ming with utter hatred burning in his gaze.

“What a mess.”

Lin Ming coldly looked at Blackstone. This type of person was nothing but a vicious black-hearted wolf. He had been showing kindness and good intentions in saving him from this hellhole, and not only was he not grateful but he actually held a grudge because he wasn’t given more resources, wanting to kill Lin Ming in the future just for this. This type of person, even if he hadn’t been controlled, Lin Ming would still have killed him. He didn’t want to waste any effort in saving a potential enemy. This was the profound lesson that Ouyang Boyan had taught him. Even if he didn’t have any family or friends or anyone...

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