Chapter 653 - Murder

Chapter 653 – Murder

When Blackstone had been wallowing in despair, he had indeed said that if he could make it out of this land alive, he would give all of his wealth to Lin Ming. But at that time, Blackstone had been desperate to survive, so it wasn’t strange that he would make such a promise in that situation.

Now he saw just how powerful Lin Ming really was. Not only had Lin Ming managed to find the method to leave this 1000 mile forbidden zone but his strength was indomitable. By himself, he had defeated the four corpse devils, making it seem that their chances of leaving here were much higher.

Under the constantly hanging threat of death, when a person was doing everything they could to survive, as long as they were tossed a rope they would be willing to give up all their wealth. But when that threat was gone, their heart would change and their greed would return. This was the debased nature of man. Moreover, with such a lucky chance in front of him, something so precious that could only be found through a stroke of fate, how could Blackstone not be moved?

After being rebutted by Lin Ming’s words, Blackstone’s bleak expression became even uglier. “Lin Ming… it’s true that I said those words, it’s just that… we entered...

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