Chapter 652 - Goddess

Chapter 652 – Goddess

It wasn’t just Lin Ming who was completely stunned – even the five others behind him were petrified.

Before this, they had seen the previous sarcophaguses that had low-grade earth-step Demon God Bones, a priceless treasure that was the profound gold divine fruit, and then the heaven-step Demon God Bone that not even the rulers of the Blood Slaughter Steppes had ever obtained.

It was fair to say that no matter what was in the fourth sarcophagus, they would already be numbed to it. But they absolutely never thought that it would be what it was.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and completely shoved open the sarcophagus’ lid. Looking inside, he was left speechless for a long time.

Lin Ming had imagined what could be in the fourth sarcophagus. If it were a trove of medium-grade or high-grade heaven-step Demon God Bones, or even if it were empty, he wouldn’t be too surprised.

But he never imagined that in this fourth sarcophagus, there would actually be a woman lying down!

A peerless woman!

Her black hair fell down like a waterfall of night, her crystal clear skin seemed to be crystallized from the purest essence of the stars and moon, and her unrivalled features seemed carved from the finest jade.

She didn’t even seem like a woman that could be born within the world, rather, she was like an ultimate sense...

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