Chapter 651 - Heaven-step Demon God Bone

Chapter 651 – Heaven-step Demon God Bone

“Special body transformation treasures? What sort of resources would that be?” Lin Ming’s interest was piqued and he couldn’t help but ask. As someone who was a dual body and law cultivator, he was certainly interested.

“Hehe, just open up those sarcophaguses and take a look inside.” Demonshine excitedly said as he licked his doggy tongue. This old dog was easily roused by things like valuable resources.

There were a total of four sarcophaguses. These sarcophaguses seemed carved from obsidian and there were also strange and simple patterns carved onto them; they appeared to have passed through an immeasurably long time.

Lin Ming stood in front of the sarcophaguses. After not finding any array formations, he asked Demonshine, “Is this something from tens of thousands of years ago?”

“Hey, it might be more than several tens of thousands of years. These sarcophaguses should have been used to bury some important people and this cave was most likely their grave. But, it was just far too long ago, and now that so much time passed, who knows what this place was originally like. In short, this tomb was later captured by those four corpse devils and these sarcophaguses also became their lair.”

“Oh? Those four corpse devils weren’t formed by the bodies left behind here?”

“Ha! How is that possible? Even if it were a top level martial artist like the Eightfall War Emperor, their corpse wouldn’t last for so many tens of thousands of years. Their bones should have decayed or, most likely, condensed into Demon God Bones now. Perhaps the reason that those four corpse devils were attracted to this tomb and decided to settle here was because they were attracted by the energy of those Demon God Bones. Lin Ming, go and open the sarcophaguses.”

“Alright!” Lin Ming agreed. He put away the Purple Comet Spear and bent over, carefully pushing open the first sarcophagus.

With a rumbling sound, an incomparably thick infernal energy spilled out from the sarcophagus. Feng Shen, Duanmu Qun, and Lan Xin’s eyes lit up. Behind them, Blackstone and High Lord Cloud Demon were also startled, their eyes revealing disbelief and excitement.

At this time, everyone realized that this was a massive treasure trove!

Everyone craned over to see that the sarcophagus was filled with fist-sized black glass balls, over ten in total. They were all high quality Demon God Bones!

Demon God Bones… so many!!!!

Blackstone gulped, nearly drooling as his eyes flashing with greed and desire.

High Lord Cloud Demon licked his lips. It had to be known that an ordinary pigeon egg-sized Demon God Bone was already considered very precious. One as large as a chicken’s egg was even rarer. There were very few that were as large as a fist, not to mention that looking at the quality of the energy from these Demon God Bones, they were likely all earth-step Demon God Bones!

More than 10 fist-sized earth-step Demon God Bones, their value could be imagined!

All of the Demon God Bones that High Lord Cloud Demon had ever possessed in his life, even when added together, couldn’t compare to even half of a single one of these Demon God Bones!

It was said that the Eternal Demon Abyss was chock full of lucky chances. This was a truly well-deserved reputation! Moreover, this was within the 1000 mile forbidden zone!

“Boy, this is a pretty good sign. Just this first sarcophagus and there are more than 10 low-grade earth-step Demon God Bones. I guess there should be around 30 jins total. But the better stuff is still awaiting us!”


Lin Ming nodded and continued to open the second sarcophagus.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The second sarcophagus was much heavier than the first one. After opening it, a blazing golden light flooded out, illuminating the entire stone cave.

Lin Ming peered into the sarcophagus. Within it, he was surprised to find something that looked like a palm-sized golden plate. He felt that it must be the fruit of some plant; the fragrance was overwhelming.

“This is…”

Lin Ming was stunned. This fruit contained an incomparably extraordinary energy. Just smelling the scent it emitted made him feel relaxed and breezy, as if every cell of his body was being energized.

Behind Lin Ming, everyone else’s eyes had gone perfectly round. Even a fool could see that this golden disc was much more precious than the previous earth-step Demon God Bones.

“Hey! Wow, this is incredible! That’s a profound gold divine fruit! It is a top quality heavenly treasure that is useful for tempering the body! This is even this Saint’s first time seeing such a thing! Boy, your luck is ridiculous. This profound gold divine fruit is a very mystical type of plant. It’s similar to the mushroom from the mortal world. Those mushrooms can grow on dead wood, but this profound gold divine fruit specifically grows on a Demon God Bone. In other words, it is the mushroom formed from a Demon God Bone. It needs 10,000 years to germinate, 10,000 years to flower, and 10,000 years to produce a fruit. Once the fruit is born, all of the essence within the plant is condensed into that single fruit, becoming the profound gold divine fruit. After picking it, it won’t spoil for even 10,000 years afterwards!”

“It’s a mushroom that grows from a Demon God Bone?” Lin Ming was shocked. This world was truly vast, all sorts of strange things were possible. As it was said, dead wood could not be carved, but the essence of dead wood could be used to breed ginseng, black tiger palm mushrooms, spiritual bamboo, and all sorts of other precious materials and herbs. If there was a lucky set of coincidences, then dead wood could even breed 1000 year old lingzhi, an amazing medicinal material.

Then… what if that dead wood was replaced with a Demon God Bone?

Compared to dead wood, the essence of a Demon God Bone was trillions upon trillions of times superior in both quality and quantity. If this was used to breed a heavenly treasure, the value of this treasure could be imagined!

Demonshine said, “This profound gold divine fruit cannot be bred from just an ordinary Demon God Bone. It would require at least a high-grade earth-step Demon God Bone, and only with divine providence would the profound gold divine fruit tree be born. The tree would only be a foot high and would need to absorb all of the Demon God Bone’s essence in order to germinate. Then, it would have to absorb other Demon God Bones as nutrition, growing for another 30,000 years before its fruit would be born. You can imagine just how difficult this is! Compared to this profound gold divine fruit, even the Nirvana Dragon Root can’t be considered much…”

Hearing Demonshine give such a high evaluation, Lin Ming took a deep breath. But then, he thought of something. He asked, a bit puzzled, “If this profound gold divine fruit is so precious, then how come those four corpse devils didn’t swallow it yet?”

“They probably wished to, but as they say, extremes give birth to extremes. This profound gold divine fruit is bred within a very thick yin aura of the infernal energy and death energy here, and the Demon God Bone is also an extreme yin treasure, however… the profound gold divine fruit is actually an extreme yang and extreme light attributed body transformation treasure. With the cultivation of these four corpse devils, they would probably explode from within if they tried to eat this fruit. If they wanted to eat it, they would still need several tens of thousands of years of further cultivation before they could think of attempting it. Still, just by defending the profound gold divine fruit and absorbing the essence energy that it releases, their harvests would still be tremendous! If I’m correct, then the root of this profound gold divine fruit has already been eaten by those four corpse devils, otherwise, how could they have bodies with durability comparable to a heaven-step treasure?”

“I see! So that’s how it is…” Lin Ming suddenly realized. After the profound gold divine fruit was born, the energy within the roots would naturally be much weaker. If the corpse devils ate the root instead, that was still at the level where they could withstand it.

“What a pity!”

Lin Ming regretfully shook his head. For such a miraculous body transformation medicine like this, even the root was a priceless treasure. Yet, it was eaten up by those four corpse devils.

His thoughts flashed and he asked, “If I had those corpse devils’ bodies, could I refine the medicine efficacy of the profound gold divine fruit’s root from them?”

Lin Ming was only thoughtlessly asking but Demonshine had a scandalized expression after hearing it, “Boy, you’re quite the funny one. The medicinal efficacy has already fused into those corpse devils’ bodies, so even if you refine them there won’t be much left over. Not just that, but it would take a high level alchemist to do so. Do you really think that all those piddling losers of the Holy Demon Continent and Sky Spill Continent have the ability to do this?!”

“Mm…” Lin Ming nodded, bit embarrassed. He was only casually asking anyways, if it didn’t work then that was fine too. He let out a deep breath and then moved towards the third sarcophagus.

As the other five people saw this they couldn’t help but gulp. Today, all the sights they had seen were just too impactful on them.

Even if it were a Holy Land descendant like Feng Shen and Lan Xin, the total amount of resources they had used from birth until now only added up to a single Demon God Bone from the first sarcophagus!

The third sarcophagus’ cover rumbled opened and a thick burst of infernal energy burst out, no less than that of the second sarcophagus. As for Duanmu Qun and the rest who were standing behind Lin Ming, even though they could feel this extremely potent energy, they were too numbed to be fazed by any of this. Even if some monster jumped out they still wouldn’t be surprised.

However, after the third sarcophagus fully opened, all of their eyes still went as wide as full moons. In the massive third sarcophagus, there was only a pigeon egg-sized green glass bead. Although it was small, the energy inherent within it was more than all of the Demon God Bones of the first sarcophagus added up together!

At this time, Duanmu Qun and the rest, who had never seen this object before, could already deduce what it was.

This was… a heaven-step Demon God Bone!

This was a legendary treasure! According to rumors, not even a generation ruler of the Blood Slaughter Steppes had ever obtained a heaven-step Demon God Bone!

“Boy, I have to say your luck is just too good! This is a low-grade heaven-step Demon God Bone!”

“Of this low-grade heaven-step Demon God Bone and the profound gold divine fruit, which one is more valuable?” Lin Ming asked.

“The profound gold divine fruit. As long as you are strong enough, you will be able to find a low-grade heaven-step Demon God Bone here if you put in the time and effort. In fact, you can even find many of them But as for a profound gold divine fruit, that is a treasure born from the stars aligning just right. Without a great lucky chance you would never be able to find something like this.”

Lin Ming nodded. Although the profound gold divine fruit was more precious, to the martial artists of the Holy Demon Continent, they would probably value the heaven-step Demon God Bone more. The legends said that a heaven-step Demon Cloud Bone was an absolute stepping stone to entering the Emperor boundary, and the truth was probably not far off. Especially to someone like High Lord Cloud Demon whose future talent hovered at the precipice of becoming an Emperor level powerhouse. If he could obtain a heaven-step Demon God Bone, the chances of him becoming an Emperor level powerhouse would rise astronomically.

As Lin Ming thought this, he glanced over at High Lord Cloud Demon. And, indeed, he saw naked greed and thirst clouding his eyes!

With his lucky chance to becoming an Emperor level powerhouse right in front of him, how could he not be tempted! If he missed out on this then he would probably never become an Emperor level powerhouse!

Lin Ming didn’t bother with High Lord Cloud Demon, he continued moving onto the fourth sarcophagus!

“I wonder just what is in this fourth sarcophagus…” Lin Ming thought out loud.

“Haha, maybe there’s a medium-grade heaven-step Demon God Bone inside!” Demonshine happily teased. He was in very high spirits right now. Although these were mostly body transformation and essence gathering system treasures that he couldn’t use, it would still allow Lin Ming to increase his own strength. If Lin Ming became stronger, then his chances of helping Demonshine restore his divine soul were that much higher.

Lin Ming bent over and pushed hard against the cover of the fourth sarcophagus, opening it.

With a rumbling sound the fourth sarcophagus opened. However, as he looked inside, he was completely stunned.

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