Chapter 650 - Great Lucky Chance

Chapter 650 – Great Lucky Chance

Lin Ming took a deep breath and held the Purple Comet Spear steady, the spearpoint still trembling.

To use the Purple Comet Spear to pierce through the green-haired female corpse devil was the same as using a peak earth-step treasure to ruin a heaven-step treasure; this was entirely due to the added striking power from his battle spirit!

Lin Ming’s battle spirit was currently at the bronze level. In the future when it grew, it would become even more terrifying. The battle spirit was well known as the mightiest attack, this reputation was not unearned.

As the other three corpse devils saw this, they let out increasingly savage roars and ignored everyone else, all of them simultaneously rushing towards Lin Ming!

Facing the concurrent attacks of three corpse devils, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a keen light. He flicked his fingers, and a battle spirit-infused Divine Demon Steel Needle howled forth!

The power of thunder was a force that most constrained ghosts and evil spirits. With the added support of the battle spirit, the might of this thunder grew to yet another level!


The Divine Demon Steel Needle sank into the body of a corpse devil, causing thick arcs of electricity to shoot out. The corpse devil trembled and then fell to the floor. Although it wasn’t severely injured, this still allowed Lin...

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