Chapter 648 - Corpse Devil

Chapter 648 – Corpse Devil

“You’ve figured out a way to leave the Eternal Demon Abyss?” Demonshine asked, startled.

“Just a general feel… I don’t know if it’s possible yet…” Lin Ming quietly said. He was continuously playing out scenarios in his mind.

Demonshine was shocked. He was very familiar with Lin Ming’s personality now. If Lin Ming said he could, then he must have around a 70 to 80% assurance that his plan would work.

The 1000 mile forbidden zone was known as a land of no return that not even birds could cross. Even a high stage Life Destruction or weak Emperor level powerhouse might die here.

But, Lin Ming was able to discover the method to leave this land…

When they had captured the demon bone together, that had mostly been relying on Demonshine’s help. But after they entered the 1000 mile forbidden zone, the truth was that Demonshine hadn’t played too great a role. Most of it had been due to Lin Ming’s own hard work and effort!

‘This boy…’

Demonshine sighed with emotion. Perhaps it wouldn’t be too long before a broken remnant soul like him would no longer be able to help Lin Ming.

After a quarter of an hour, Lin Ming had finished deducing the scenarios in his mind. He stood up and said to the group, “Follow...

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