Chapter 645 - Closed Energy Field

Chapter 645 – Closed Energy Field

Back when they thought they had left the 1000 mile forbidden zone, Lin Ming had said that something seemed wrong. But as to what it was, he hadn’t known.

At that time, many of the martial artists had scoffed at him, derisively snorting at his thoughts. But now, no one dared to view Lin Ming’s words with contempt anymore.

Those several martial artists that had suggested turning back and looking for lucky chances were already going green with regret. The great terror of the Eternal Demon Abyss had been widely known for thousands of years now. Everyone that entered must die, and not even birds could cross, how could any of this have been wrong?

There had been Titled Asuras and Tower Masters that didn’t believe this rumors and tried to enter the 1000 mile forbidden zone to find their own lucky chances, but they had all died in here, regardless of who they were!

They had thought these rumors might have been exaggerations, but now, it seemed as if they were all true!

Facing such a terrifying Eternal Demon Abyss, they had actually made such a ridiculous and foolhardy decision to return and try to dig up some earth-step Demon God Bones… they must have been too tired of living!

“Young Hero Lin, we...

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