Chapter 644 - Quietly Approaching the Great Maw

Chapter 644 – Quietly Approaching the Great Maw

“Duanmu, let’s go!” High Lord Cloud Demon glanced at Lin Ming with an unbelievable expression. Why was this fellow making such baseless claims to stir things up? They had already left the 1000 mile forbidden zone anyway.

Duanmu Qun still looked at Lin Ming, “Brother Lin, just what is going on?”

Lin Ming looked up from his thoughts, gazing at the dark distant crimson lands. After a long silence, he began to slowly say, “I feel that… we haven’t left the 1000 mile forbidden zone.”


Lin Ming’s words shocked everyone present!

“What kind of joke are you trying to play? Are you saying that all of us somehow became lost?”

“How is that possible? We were clearly walking in the correct direction based on the stars.”

Within the Eternal Demon Abyss, the stars were forever linked with the sky, static and unchanging. Thus,  there was simply never a situation where one became lost. And, they had already walked 150 miles, so they should have walked 30 to 40 miles out of the 1000 mile forbidden zone.

“This fellow is an idiot, just ignore him. Come, let’s go.” A High Lord said. He had tried...

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