Chapter 643 - Are We Out?

Chapter 643 – Are We Out?

After this eruption of the Eternal Demon Abyss, the group together with Lin Ming had a total of 10 people.

Of these, there were four Heavenly Demon Seven Stars: Feng Shen, Lan Xin, Duanmu Qun, and Blackstone. All of them were Holy Land descendants. The other six were all High Lords, including Lin Ming.

The 10 individuals here were all top masters, and there was even Duanmu Qun, whose strength approached that of a Tower Master.

The group was on alert the entire time as they walked to the edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss, their speed very slow; it was even slower than when they first entered the Eternal Demon Abyss. The 10 of them all sent out their perception to the limit in order to avoid any evil spirit ambushing them.

However, as they walked, nothing happened.

50 miles, 80 miles, 100 miles, 120 miles…

These martial artists were fairly aware of just how far they walked. As they crossed 100 miles, by all reasoning they should have already left the 1000 mile forbidden zone, or at least approached the edge.

As the martial artists realized this, they all became incomparably excited. Had they really made it out?

The closer they approached the edge of the forbidden zone, the more vigilant everyone became. The 1000 mile radius forbidden zone was known as the road of no return. One entered, there was no coming out. Not even birds were an exception. This rumor had been passed down through the countless years, so who knew what sort of danger they would encounter once they finally reached that critical threshold!

Like this, the group walked another 20 to 30 miles with jitters. In total, they had probably walked 150 miles, but nothing had happened yet!

Had they really made it out!?!?

All of them martial artists felt as if they were in a dream. They had entered the 1000 mile forbidden zone and not encountered any danger at all. As a group, they had calmly entered and then calmly left…

“This 1000 mile forbidden zone isn’t as terrifying as the legends say it is. Didn’t we just safely go in and out?” Blackstone said with a sigh of relief. There was a bit of disappointment in his tone. This so-called 1000 mile forbidden zone had truly been exaggerated.

“Perhaps there were originally many people that died in the 1000 mile forbidden zone, thus there were rumors made about it where no one ever returned. The truth is that there is just a great deal of danger here, but our luck is good and we didn’t meet any and just walked out like that.” A High Lord agreed.

“Haha, for me to have entered the 1000 mile forbidden zone in my life and not die, I truly haven’t lived my life in vain… but, what a pity, we didn’t find any lucky chances. If we could dig up one or two earth-step Demon God Bones in the 1000 mile forbidden zone then we would be rich!” A High Lord from Heavenly Cloud Tower said with some regret. Just now they had all been carefully watching out for evil spirits, so who was of the mind to search for Demon God Bones? Now that he thought about it, this was truly unfortunate. These frightening rumors proved just how powerful baseless gossip could be, even causing so much trouble now.

“Hehe, if you want to go and search then you’re fine to go back, no one’s blocking you. If you go back, you might be able to find an earth-step Demon God Bone.” Another High Lord said jokingly.

As the previously-speaking Heavenly Cloud Tower High Lord heard this, he suddenly had a troubled look on his face. That intensely terrifying experience just now had left a lingering fear in the back of his mind. He nervously laughed and said, “Haha, I just managed to carefully make it out, so I don’t think I would have the luck to do that again. Besides, if I’m alone, it’s much too dangerous.

These casual words aroused a thought in another High Lord’s mind. “This 1000 mile forbidden zone isn’t as dangerous as we thought. Everyone was being too cautious so we didn’t investigate to see if there were any treasures about. If we return now, then with the strength of us 10, even if we meet some danger we still might be able to deal with it. You all should know that no one has entered this 1000 mile forbidden zone for the last several thousand years. All of them were scared witless by the rumors, so all of the treasures inside have gone untouched. The potential wealth inside is hard to imagine!”

As this High Lord spoke, some of the martial artists felt their hearts rise with greed. This was true. Ever since the terrifying rumors about this 1000 mile forbidden zone spread out, no one had gone inside for thousands of years. The surrounding grounds were already explored every 10 years so there wasn’t that much outside. But, inside the 1000 mile forbidden zone, there was definitely an abundance of heavenly treasures!

Moreover, the 1000 mile forbidden zone was so close to the Eternal Demon Abyss that there were probably many earth-step Demon God Bones here. There was even a chance that there might be a legendary heaven-step Demon God Bone!

And a heaven-step Demon God Bone was a treasure that not even the ruler of the Blood Slaughter Steppes had. If they could find just one heaven-step Demon God Bone, then they would never have to worry about resources for the rest of their life. The talent of these martial artists wasn’t poor to begin with, and with a heaven-step Demon God Bone, they would inevitably be able to break through to the Emperor level!

Everyone glanced at each other. In the end, their eyes fell onto two people. One was Duanmu Qun, and the other was the Heavenly Cloud Tower’s High Lord Cloud Demon.

The two of them were recognized by the rest as being the strongest amongst the group.

There was no need to talk about Duanmu Qun. He came from a super Holy Land, and after entering the Road of Emperor, his strength neared that of a Tower Master.

As for High Lord Cloud Demon, he was ranked amongst the top of Heavenly Cloud Tower’s 16 High Lords. It had to be known that the High Lords of Heavenly Cloud Tower were originally known as being the strongest of the 12 Skysplit Towers. High Lord Cloud Demon’s ranking was thus actually very valuable. His strength was likely no worse than the weakest Tower Master.

Duanmu Qun hesitated for a moment, undecided. If a martial artist didn’t fight for every lucky chance in front of them, they would be resigned to a lifetime of mediocrity. But, this 1000 mile forbidden zone truly wasn’t some normal danger zone. For these last thousands of years, countless rumors had originated from here and numerous peerless talents had perished. They had surprisingly walked out without much danger just now. Was that really just luck?

Once they returned and encountered a powerful evil spirit, they might all be annihilated!

Duanmu Qun couldn’t help but glance over at High Lord Cloud Demon. High Lord Cloud Demon also didn’t know what to do at this time. After another moment of pondering, he suggested a compromise, “Let’s return 50 miles. This distance is probably at the threshold limit for the 1000 mile forbidden zone, we can stay in that area for a few hours. If we search there, our lucky chances will be much better than those we find at the surrounding edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss. Aside from all that, if we encounter a powerful evil spirit then we are immediately returning!”

High Lord Cloud Demon’s suggestion was neither too reckless nor conservative. Everyone begin to respond.

“Great idea! Brother Cloud Demon’s advice is far too good.”

“Haha, Brother Cloud Demon is smart, great job!”

High Lord Cloud Demon’s suggestion truly was good. At this time, a single wrong step could cause all of them to die here, but this one idea could be called the best route.

All of the martial artists present looked excited, as if they were about to immediately find a heaven-step Demon God Bone themselves.

“Sooner is better than later, let’s go now!” The High Lord who first suggested this said with some impatience.

Duanmu Qun nodded, agreeing to follow the crowd back. But then, his heart suddenly stirred. As he looked over to Lin Ming to see what he thought about this, he saw that Lin Ming was actually standing there with a very solemn expression, his arms crossed against his chest and his head lowered as if he were deep in thought.

Everyone had already taken several steps, but Lin Ming was still meditating there, apparently without any intention of moving.

“Brother Lin, would you like to come with us?”

Duanmu Qun invited. He very much hoped that Lin Ming would go with them. There were simply far too many secrets on Lin Ming’s body. Duanmu Qun believed that if Lin Ming came with them to the 1000 mile forbidden zone, he would be a great help. Perhaps he would turn the tables on danger at a crucial moment or even save all of them.

Lin Ming seemed as if he didn’t hear at all, still standing there deep in thought.

“Brother Lin, shall we go together?” Duanmu Qun asked again.

“Lin Ming, hurry up and go otherwise you’ll be left behind!” High Lord Cloud Demon frowned as he said. Duanmu Qun had asked twice and Lin Ming didn’t even respond. This was very impolite of him.

“Haha, Brother Lin seems like he doesn’t want to go. Let him stay here, let’s go.” Blackstone’s eyes turned as he quickly interjected. As he spoke, he took two steps in fear that Lin Ming would change his mind and catch up.

Blackstone’s thoughts were very simple. Lin Ming hadn’t even gone into the depths of the Eternal Demon Abyss, yet he could casually walk along the outer edges and find a lucky chance that allowed him to break through to Revolving Core. This sort of good luck was way too heaven-defying. He felt that his own luck was far inferior to Lin Ming’s, and he didn’t want to divide any of the spoils with him.

If the 10 of them divided a lucky chance, there wouldn’t be much left to each of them to begin with. When that happened, this Lin Ming might squirrel away half of the treasure, leaving almost nothing for the rest of them to divide.

It wasn’t just Blackstone who had this idea, but many other High Lords were thinking this. A High Lord said with a true essence sound transmission to his teammates, “Let’s go, this Lin boy is probably too timid.”

“That’s right. If he doesn’t come then there’s one less share to divide out. Humph, the road to becoming a Peerless Emperor is filled with risks, what martial artists wouldn’t dare to take them? Even if he is a peak Emperor level talent, he still needs to put forth as much effort as he can, otherwise he’ll just waste all of his talent and end up an average nobody.”

In these words, several martial artists also began moving. High Lord Cloud Demon also didn’t wait for Lin Ming’s decision. Only Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, and Feng Shen were looking at Lin Ming, waiting for his reply.

Of the three of them. Feng Shen most understood just how terrifying Lin Ming’s strength was. As for Duanmu Qun and Lan Xin, they both knew of Lin Ming’s ability. The reason that he could seek lucky chances within the Eternal Demon Abyss was not because of luck, but because he had some strange secrets about it.

If Lin Ming came, they would definitely have to apportion part of their lucky chances, but this was far better than just throwing their lives away.

“Brother Lin, what are you thinking about?” After his first two questions weren’t answered, Duanmu Qun wasn’t angered in the least. In fact, his tone softened and his expression became gentle as he once more asked Lin Ming a question.

The other High Lords were already impatient from waiting. This time, after remaining silent for several breaths of time, Lin Ming finally opened his mouth and said, “I was thinking that… there’s something wrong about where we are…”

“Something’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Duanmu Qun’s chest tightened. If someone else had said this, he might have said they were far too fearful and suspicious of everything. But if Lin Ming said this, he didn’t dare to be negligent.

“I can’t say… If I could think of it, I wouldn’t have to think so hard.” Lin Ming shook his head. As he walked all this way, he always felt something strange at the back of his mind. When he asked Demonshine, even he wasn’t sure.

“Then you can stay here and slowly think about it, we’ll go first.” A High Lord chuckled. Although his words were fairly polite, the ridicule in them was obvious. To be so suspicious and scared even after coming out of the 1000 mile forbidden zone, this could only be mental illness or acting.

‘You stay here and think about it, ah, I’m more afraid that you’ll catch up.’ Many martial artists thought at the same time.

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