Chapter 642 - Straying Into the Forbidden Zone

Chapter 642 – Straying Into the Forbidden Zone

“Lan Xin, what’s wrong?”

Duanmu Qun noticed Lan Xin’s change in expression and asked her with a true essence sound transmission. Lan Xin responded with her guess, and Duanmu Qun was dazed for a moment, his eyelids jumping.

Indeed, finding a lost spatial ring was a weak excuse to return to a danger zone. Duanmu Qun hadn’t thought too much of it, but now that he carefully remembered these details, there were a number of questionable points.

First, Lin Ming was meticulous and cautious as well as strong. Could such a character really lose their spatial ring and not know about it? Second, according to Lan Xin, Lin Ming had led the squad to rush out of the deathtrap and had even changed directions midway. Was that really just a coincidence?

Lin Ming wasn’t a fool. Since he had the confidence to go back, he had the confidence to deal with the evil being in that danger zone. Then, it wasn’t surprising for him to seek treasures in a danger zone either!

At the thought of this, Duanmu Qun felt daunted. His group had also encountered several danger zones, and he had even witnessed one of his teammates die a tragic death. He was fully aware just how terrifying the Eternal Demon Abyss was! Here, there were lucky chances everywhere, but that didn’t mean one could obtain them just by sheer luck. One needed to be strong enough or at least have the ability to take it, otherwise, all they would do is lose their life.

Lin Ming, what was his secret? Not only did he break through the countless dangers of the Eternal Demon Abyss but he even closed up here and broke through to Revolving Core!

His strengths were truly hidden!

Duanmu Qun felt more and more awed by Lin Ming. To him, Lin Ming only felt unfathomable. But on the side, Blackstone was unaware of all these factors. He said, “If I had Brother Lin’s luck, then I might have been able to become a four-star Demon King…”

A so-called four-star Demon King was the same as the human Life Destruction realm. Blackstone wasn’t 30 years old yet. If he could really become a four-star Demon King now, then even the Eightfall War Emperor’s talent would be inferior to his.

Towards such an obviously daggered compliment filled with jealousy, Lin Ming only faintly smiled, not explaining anything.

“Hehe, luck is also a kind of talent.” A martial artist said. He was a Goliath High Lord from Great Ax Tower.

As he was in the middle of speaking, the mountain suddenly shook. At the foot of the mountain, a massive shelf suddenly collapsed, washed away by the immense black currents at the base. A crack spread up at a shocking rate, splitting the peak of the mountain in half. The black torrents of energy surged and burst through the crack and shot into the sky!

The Goliath martial artist that was just speaking was actually flushed away by this mighty flood of energy!


Screams filled the air. The current of energy was like a highly corrosive acid. Half of the Goliath martial artist’s body had melted away, leaving nothing but bones!

This scene took place in front of everyone, leaving them all shocked. They all hurriedly retreated backwards.

The Goliath martial artist only had half a face left; the other side was a bloody mess. As his face distorted in pain, he reached out his hand, begging for the others to help him. But who would help him at this time? As they all witnessed the pitiful Goliath martial artist, everyone took several more steps back, their complexions paling.


The Goliath martial artist’s foot bones broke. His body collapsed to the ground as if he were made of mud, instantly dead.

As Lin Ming saw this, his palms became wet with sweat and his heart chilled. A moment ago, he had been secretly on guard about the shaking energy underneath the Goliath martial artist’s feet, but he didn’t think the consequences would be so serious!


The black mountain peak shook again. Everyone was greatly startled, all of them blanching and preparing to retreat at any time!

Who knew when this mountain peak would crack again and another terrifying current of energy would erupt.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Great tracts of the mountain burst apart, collapsing into the ground, falling into the raging black current and completely disappearing.

Seeing all of this, the martial artists felt a chill creep up their backs. No one moved. If this black mountain collapsed, then no one here could even think about living anymore.

The group continued to completely concentrate on the raging current of energy below. Fortunately, the mountain stopped collapsing. After half an incense stick of time, the turbulent waves of energy beneath the mountain began to die down.

Everything at the foot of the mountain was already washed away, leaving it all in broken chaos. Fortunately, besides that eruption just now, there wasn’t a similar eruption.

Everyone felt as if they had just survived the apocalypse. However, before everyone could catch their breath, a High Lord suddenly grimaced and said with anguish, “We’ve probably entered the 1000 mile forbidden zone!”

“What!? The 1000 mile forbidden zone?”

“No way!”

These few words caused all of the martial artists present to feel a deep and unsettling fear. They had all escaped in a hurry from that dark tsunami of energy, so how could any of them have worried about what direction they were going? Every other direction had been blocked by that mighty flood, so this was the only direction they could run in.

Fleeing and fleeing, they had actually fled into the 1000 mile forbidden zone!?!?

Lin Ming frowned. Looking ahead, the black flood of energy had passed and the fog had been washed away. All that was left behind was a broken land, as if they had reached the end of the world.

“Demonshine, didn’t you just say that the Eternal Demon Abyss erupted just now? If the Eternal Demon Abyss erupts, shouldn’t the energy flow come from the center and disperse outwards? How could the energy flow from outside to inside, trapping us in the center of the Eternal Demon Abyss?”

Demonshine shook his head, “That just now was only a small-scale eruption; it came from one of the Eternal Demon Abyss’ surrounding cracks, refluxing back to the center. If the main center of the Eternal Demon Abyss erupted, then that would be a serious problem. The Eternal Demon Abyss is 10,000 miles wide. If the energy burst out from there, then I fear the explosion would be 100,000 feet high or more, directly breaking through the heavens and blotting out the skies. In that sort of outrageous current, even my master would have to retreat lest he accidentally fall in and die, much less someone like you. If you were truly caught up in something that great, do you still think even a little bit of you would be left?”

As Demonshine spoke, Lin Ming suddenly became aware. Indeed, if the 10,000 mile wide Eternal Demon Abyss erupted with a massive amount of energy, then that large-scale outpouring of energy would be truly terrifying!”

“What do we do now?” All the martial artists present, even if they were Holy Land descendants, had a tinge of fear in their eyes. The Eternal Demon Abyss was not some general forbidden zone. There had been countless geniuses and powerhouses that had fallen in the 1000 mile forbidden zone. None of these people had been any worse than them!

“I don’t even know what I should be afraid of. I heard that there had once been two Titled Asuras that had entered the 1000 mile forbidden zone, and neither of them returned, both of them died here!”

As the martial artist spoke, he subconsciously glanced over at Lin Ming. Lin Ming was also a Titled Asura, but, in this sort of situation, any sort of Asura was useless. Let alone an outstanding young elite, hadn’t there even been a great number of Emperor level powerhouses that had died here?

“Everyone calm down! No one panic!” A Fey High Lord from White Stone Tower said. Although there was a great number of talents within the Fey race, there weren’t many that were willing to stay as High Lords. The reason was rooted in the innate characteristics of their race. The Fey were naturally arrogant, lofty, and had a deep sense of pride. Many of them simply weren’t willing to serve others.

“This is just the very edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss’ 1000 mile forbidden zone; we haven’t yet fully entered deep into the Eternal Demon Abyss. For these last tens of thousands of years, all those Emperor level powerhouses that entered the Eternal Demon Abyss have died at the center. We are only at the very edge. If our luck is good, we can still leave!”

The Fey High Lord’s words were obviously to placate the martial artists. But at this time, many of them were willing to be consoled in such manner. Another martial artist echoed this sentiment and said, “What the High Lord isn’t wrong. Let’s descend the mountain now and begin to walk back. As long as we put in the effort, we can do anything, and that means we can also leave here!”

Everyone had a herd mentality at this time. Now that there were people willing to take the lead, everyone was relieved. Just as everyone was about to leave, Lin Ming said, “Wait a minute!”

“Mm? Is there something wrong?” Duanmu Qun looked over at Lin Ming. Right now, he placed Lin Ming’s opinion in very high regard; he even suspected that Lin Ming had been to the Eternal Demon Abyss before.

“How can we wait right now? We are in the most dangerous area of the Eternal Demon Abyss! The longer we delay, the more danger we’ll be in!” A High Lord said, exasperated.

Lin Ming said, “The black torrent just passed. There is still a great amount of this black energy in the ground. These energies can easily take your life. If you accidently fall into a swamp or hole, then you won’t have any feet left.

There were places in the Eternal Demon Abyss where the soil was soft. If this black energy flowed inside, it would mix with the soil and form a muddy swamp. If anyone were to fall in this, the consequences could be imagined.

Lin Ming’s reasoning was rational and succinct. The High Lord’s lips twitched, but he didn’t oppose this.

Everyone decided to wait for several hours. During this time, everyone sat in meditation, trying their best to restore themselves to their peak condition.

All of them were readying to travel the road of hell.

Lin Ming also entered into the ethereal martial intent as he mediated, constantly consolidating his cultivation.

After several hours passed, there weren’t any additional dangers. Around the black mountain peak, the residual black energy began to dissipate into a black mist, fading into a fog as it turned from black to gray. As everyone saw this, they finally realized just where the pervasive fog of the Eternal Demon Abyss came from. This fog was actually formed from the violent energy flows that erupted from the Eternal Demon Abyss!

“We can go now.”

Duanmu proposed as he glanced over at Lin Ming.

“Mm, we can.”

Lin Ming stood up. This was the Eternal Demon Abyss’ 1000 mile forbidden zone. He never thought that he would stumble his way into here.

As the group of people descended the mountain, they judged their position from the stars and began to cautiously make their way outwards to the edge. According to the estimation of a High Lord who had been to the Eternal Demon Abyss, they were no more than a hundred miles into the 1000 mile forbidden zone. There was still 900 miles until they reached the true center of the Eternal Demon Abyss, so the chances of them making it out of here were still very high.

As Lin Ming walked, he raised his vigilance to the limit. If this area was called a 1000 mile absolute death forbidden zone, then there were naturally reasons why it was so terrifying. If he wanted to safely leave this land, he feared that it wouldn’t be so easy.

“Demonshine, you followed the Demon Emperor and stayed here for 20 some years. Do you know what dangers there are here and why so many geniuses died here?”

Demonshine shook his head, “The Demon Emperor’s strength back then far surpassed your current self. The things that weren’t dangerous to him are fatal traps for you. For instance, that small scale eruption of the Eternal Demon Abyss. The Demon Emperor also encountered that twice before. To him, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of danger, but for you a lot, there were actually two of you that died. If you want me to analyze dangers, then how would I analyze them? Ask me again if you bump into something!”

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