Chapter 641 - The Eternal Demon Abyss Erupts Again

Chapter 641 – The Eternal Demon Abyss Erupts Again

After being pricked by Lin Ming’s spear, the 10,000 Year Corpse Grass fiercely struggled, sending out ear-piercing screams as it shook.

As Lin Ming saw the true appearance of this 10,000 Year Corpse Grass, his eyebrows twisted together. This little thing was truly unsightly, in fact, it was extremely ugly.

Demonshine chortled, “Hehe, this thing is a heavenly treasure to a corpse sect. A corpse sect martial artist would definitely pay an exorbitantly high price to buy this 10,000 Year Corpse Grass!”

Corpse sect… Lin Ming was aware that there were some martial artists that would collect the bodies of powerhouses and use them to refine weapons, create puppets, or even seize their bodies. For instance, the Seven Profound Valley’s Mugu Buyu could have been classified as a type of corpse sect martial artist.

Lin Ming wrapped this 10,000 Year Corpse Grass in layers of seals before stashing it away into a jade box.

“Lin Ming, where do we go now?” Demonshine asked. The two of them had already reached the 1200 mile radius zone of the Eternal Demon Abyss. If they went much closer, they would approach the 1000 mile radius forbidden death zone.

This 1000 mile radius forbidden death zone was an area where even birds couldn’t cross. Entry...

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