Chapter 640 - 10,000 Year Corpse Grass

Chapter 640 – 10,000 Year Corpse Grass

“Damn, why is this fellow so lucky!” High Lord Sandlight was writhing with envy.

He wasn’t sure what this lucky chance was – whether it was completely used up, or whether there was still some remaining. It was impossible to find any of this out unless he killed Lin Ming.

Thinking of this, High Lord Sandlight’s heart surged with a thick killing intent. If he killed Lin Ming, not only would he be able to seize his lucky chance but he would also complete all the live sacrifices he needed. This was killing two birds with one stone!

However… High Lord Sandlight suppressed his murderous thoughts.

Although he had heard rumors of Lin Ming’s strength, how strong he was had yet to be confirmed. But, Lin Ming had still managed to come here all alone by himself, so that meant he inevitably must be capable in some manner. Not just that, but he also broke through to Revolving Core…

As High Lord Sandlight glanced over at High Lord Sky Eye, he saw that Sky Eye was wincing with fear. The two of them were among the top ranked High Lords of Five Color Tower, so there was no need to mention their strength. They were also two against one, so their advantage was even greater.

Even so, High Lord Sandlight and High...

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