Chapter 639 - Living Sacrifice

Chapter 639 – Living Sacrifice

The seven man squad had already been searching through this blood-red land for an hour. High Lord Sandlight seemed to be very patient, but some of the newcomers were intolerably impatient. With such a great lucky chance in front of them, they were all excited.

“Mm? What’s that?”

A Giant Demon martial artist saw that not too far away there was a bump of dirt in the ground, as if there was a grave mound there. Normally, this sort of mound wasn’t anything strange, but the Giant Demon martial artist could feel a rich and sleepless energy moving about there.

This energy caused the Giant Demon martial artist to pause. What was under that mound? Could it be the earth-step Demon God Bone that High Lord Sandlight mentioned?

After thinking of this, the Giant Demon martial artist’s heart began to race within his chest. Looking all around, he determined that no one was paying attention to him and he began to slowly tiptoe over to the mound.

This blood-red island was several dozen miles wide. The squad had split up to each seek their own lucky chances. If one of them found the treasure alone, then they certainly wouldn’t share it.

The Giant Demon martial artist also had this...

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