Chapter 638 - Three Thousand Boundless Worlds

Chapter 638 – Three Thousand Boundless Worlds

Suddenly hearing Demonshine’s praising words, Lin Ming was curious, “What sort of degree do the geniuses of the Realm of the Gods reach?”

“Realm of the Gods...” Demonshine was slightly startled. He immediately sighed and slowly said, “The Realm of the Gods is a terrifying place; it was far too vast and boundless. Even when I followed Master, we only moved within a very minuscule range of the Realm of the Gods. In the Realm of the Gods, there are countless masters and countless naturally talented geniuses! Those are truly terrifying existences which people simply cannot compare to!”

This was the first time that Lin Ming had seen the boastful and loud Demonshine look so crestfallen and powerless. He couldn’t help but ask, “Just how big is the Realm of the Gods?”

Demonshine said, “I cannot say how...

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