Chapter 636 - Battle Spirit Protection

Chapter 636 – Battle Spirit Protection

The condensing of Lin Ming’s Revolving Core had galvanized a mighty phenomenon. The surrounding true essence was stirred into a massive vortex of heaven and earth origin energy, forming massive purple clouds of energy several dozen miles wide. For such a sight to appear within the Eternal Demon Abyss, the results could be imagined.

Within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, Demonshine could only helplessly watch as more and more evil spirits gathered, crying and groaning over the situation. Now, he finally understood what it was like to be surrounded by wolves.

But, there was still a silver lining to this horrible situation. These evil spirits were all of the low-level variety. They weren’t those freakish existences that were shot out from deep within the Eternal Demon Abyss.

Demonshine didn’t have a physical form and his real world striking strength was weak. He could only release his soul force to form an energy field, using this to deter these evil spirits.

Demonshine’s energy field was truly powerful. It brought with it a vast and ancient atmosphere that could only come from someone from the Realm of the Gods. However, the temptation of Lin Ming’s bubbling blood vitality was too great. These evil spirits incomparably desired this blood essence. Under the direction of their most primal nature, these evil spirits slowly approached...

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