Chapter 635 - The Revolving Core Changes

Chapter 635 – The Revolving Core Changes

On the eighth day of forming the core, Lin Ming’s Revolving Core was the exact same size as an ordinary martial artist’s, except that the energy within was several times greater.

Compared to an ordinary martial artist’s Revolving Core, the Revolving Core within Lin Ming’s dantian was a much darker hue, and also spun several times faster.

Normally, the faster a Revolving Core spun, the more volatile and active the energy was within, meaning that when it erupted all at once, it would be much more terrifying.

With such a solid energy and fast spinning speed united, Lin Ming’s potential strength could be imagined!

“This boy is a damn farm animal, just what fodder was he fed growing up…” Demonshine mumbled to himself. Lin Ming’s talent was something even he was jealous of. Only by insulting Lin Ming a bit could Demonshine feel a bit better about himself.

At this time, the Revolving Core in Lin Ming’s dantian reached the finale of its condensation process. The Revolving Core no longer changed in size, instead beginning to take its final form. The surrounding energy within the dantian completely gathered onto the Revolving Core, continuously streaming onto this crystalline core.

The Revolving Core became increasingly round. When it was around 99% formed, the energy within the dantian began to suddenly accelerate!

At this time, the true essence crystal core became the incarnation of a voracious monster, completely and recklessly swallowing all of the true essence in Lin Ming’s dantian, leaving it empty of energy. This caused every single bit of true essence in Lin Ming’s body to converge into his dantian like an ocean falling into a sinkhole.

Lin Ming’s dantian became a powerful bottomless pit of suction. It set off a massive whirlpool of true essence, sweeping in all of Lin Ming’s energies.

In a mere few breaths of time,all the energy in Lin Ming’s meridians was sucked dry!

Then, this suction force spread through Lin Ming’s body. Heaven and earth origin energy was also sucked in by this powerful force, continuously gathering into Lin Ming’s dantian!

At the moment a martial artist completed their Revolving Core, it would result in a qualitative change. It would become solid, round, and filled with a deep gravitational force!

It was just like when a star of the universe collapsed into a white dwarf star or neutron star. Once it collapsed, the mass would stay the same and the size would decrease but the gravity would experience a massive leap upwards!

When the cyclone within a martial artist condensed into a Revolving Core it was also a similar process of collapsing. The instant that a Revolving Core formed, because of the intense suction, it would completely condense all energies into the dantian. Within the void of the dantian, the newly condensed crystal core would cause a massive whirlpool, sucking in all the surrounding energy and leading the total true essence amount to have a massive leap.

This sort of leap would bring doubled or even quadrupled strength. Not just that, but after the Revolving Core formed, this sort of true essence crystal core would continuously maintain this attractive force. This was the reason that a Revolving Core martial artist far surpassed a Xiantian martial artist in condensing energy towards their dantian. Whether it was cultivation speed, endurance, regenerative ability, everything would rise.

With these several reasons added together, this was the reason that a martial artist would experience a massive leap in strength from Xiantian to Revolving Core!

Thus, this was why even a Saint level talent like Mu Qianyu, when at half-step Revolving Core, still found it only barely possible to fight a true Revolving Core martial artist.

The attractive pull of Lin Ming’s true essence crystal core was far more terrifying than that of an ordinary martial artist. The true essence whirlpool increasingly intensified without any signs of stopping. It formed a massive cloud of purple heaven and earth origin energy above Lin Ming’s head. At the center of these vast clouds, a funnel-shaped tornado extended downwards, enveloping Lin Ming at the very end and steadily streaming into his dantian.

Seeing such a situation, Demonshine couldn’t even sit still anymore.

Oh heavens, this momentum was so great, it would be visible from several hundreds of miles out!!!

If Lin Ming had closed up within a place of absolute safety then no matter how great the momentum, none of it mattered. Even if he had primed heavenly tribulation to come down on his head, it would still have been fine! But, this place was different. This was the Eternal Demon Abyss, where every step was filled with killing intent and fatal dangers!

Seeing this abnormal situation last for another quarter of an hour without ending, Demonshine’s forehead began to become wet with a nervous sweat.

“Oh good friend Lin Ming, how come you haven’t finished yet? Just when the f*ck is this going to end!?”

At this time, Demonshine was on the same sinking boat as Lin Ming. Without Lin Ming, his damaged soul wouldn’t even a chance to possess or do anything at all!

Demonshine had been counting on Lin Ming ascending into great achievements in the future and being able to profit from this. If Lin Ming died here, then all his efforts would be wasted!

Anxiously, with great fear, another incense stick of time passed. Finally, Demonshine’s complexion changed.

As he expected, the worst turn of events had occurred.

Just a few thousand feet away, seven or eight evil spirits had gathered together, avariciously eyeing the direction Lin Ming was at.


At this time, several hundred miles away, under a cliff, two Giant Demon martial artists and a Goliath martial artist were grouped together. The Goliath martial artist was standing guard while the two Giant Demon martial artists were sitting down in meditation. The injuries on their bodies weren’t too serious, but these injuries would have still been fatal for a common mortal. Just two hours ago, these two Giant Demon martial artist had swallowed pills and were in the process of recovering from their wounds.

“What f*cking bad luck, I can’t believe we followed an idiot guide here, and to think that the f*cker actually dared to call himself a living map of the Eternal Demon Abyss! F*ck!” After a quarter hour, the Giant Demon martial artists had finally healed their wounds and began to cuss out loud.

These three people were part of the missing ninth squad of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Their entire squad hadn’t been fully annihilated, but rather, only the three of them had survived. The other seven, including the guide, had been completely wiped out!

“I was almost killed by that idiot! Luckily, our strength is outstanding and our luck is good, otherwise we would’ve already become that evil being’s supper!”

Remembering the experience from just several days ago, the three of them felt a lingering fear cloud their minds. That had simply been a nightmare. They didn’t know where the enemy was and all they could do was watch helplessly as their companions slowly burst into puddles of rotten meat, their blood and organs pooling on the ground.

In all fairness, the guide truly could be considered experienced and his strength was also good. But in the face of such a situation, he had made the wrong judgement. He had everyone stand back to back in a circle and stand guard, causing more and more people to die. Finally, several people couldn’t stand it anymore and separately escaped. As for the guide, he had paid for this wrong judgement with his life.

In the end, only the three of them had managed to run away.

These three were all High Lords and also the strongest three of their squad. In terms of individual strength, they could rank amongst the top five High Lords of Polaris Tower. As for the Goliath martial artist, he could even rank in the top three.

Within the Eternal Demon Abyss, every single step was filled with death and there were danger zones and deathtraps everywhere. Sometimes, a squad would experience a complete disaster and only the strongest would be able to survive.

“Brothers, what should we do now? The three of us came to the Eternal Demon Abyss, but we haven’t even had any lucky chances, instead, we’ve almost lost our lives. Should we return like this?” the Goliath High Lord asked. The two Giant Demon High Lords remained silent. Up until now, they had only found two ordinary Demon God Bones. Once divided, it wasn’t much at all. They truly were loath to return like this. But right now, they didn’t even have a guide. The three of them were like headless flies within the Eternal Demon Abyss, running around randomly was far too dangerous!

The Goliath High Lord saw the other two not speaking, and after some thought, said, “The lucky chances within the Eternal Demon Abyss are hard to find, but once they are found they might possibly be the greatest lucky chance we will ever experience. There are many different grades of Demon God Bones. The two we have are the lowest grade. If we can find an earth-step Demon God Bone or even the legendary heaven-step Demon God Bone, then our future days as Peerless Emperors will be just around the corner!”

Within Skysplit Tower, High Lords were indeed powerful, but, in terms of talent, they were actually inferior to the peak existences within the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars, much less Holy Land descendants like Feng Shen, Duanmu Qun, and Lan Xin.

Without true talent, how could they reach this level? After staying in Skysplit Tower for many years, once a High Lord reached a cultivation similar to Life Destruction, they would naturally need to leave Skysplit Tower. Thus, every few dozen years, there would be a new group of High Lords at the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

But among so many High Lords, it was exceedingly rare for any of them to become Peerless Emperors. This was because they lacked talent and potential.

Without a great lucky chance, these three had almost no hopes of becoming a Peerless Emperor.

A Life Destruction powerhouse and an Emperor level powerhouse were on completely different levels. Whether it was strength or lifespan, they were simply incomparable. The temptation of becoming a Peerless Emperor was far too great!

The two Giant Demon High Lords were also unwilling. One of them was about to speak when he was suddenly startled. Blankly gazing off into the distant sky, he could see faint purple clouds in the heavens. Even the surrounding fog had been pushed away by these purple clouds so that they were much more clear and vivid.

“Look over there? What is that?”

“Mm?” As the other two turned to look, they were also shocked speechless!

This sort of change likely meant that there was a massive lucky chance that had appeared!

Of course, this also meant that there might be a terrifying existence there, a grave and fatal danger.

Or it could even be both. Dangers following a lucky chance… that was the most likely conclusion!

“What should we do? Should we go have a look?” One of the Giant Demon Lord proposed after a moment of hesitation. He looked towards the Goliath High Lord, the strongest of their three man group.

The Goliath High Lord grit his teeth. Without a doubt, this was a gamble. But, on the road of martial arts, how could there be no dangers?

There were many people that looked belittled martial artists who had relied on lucky chances to become Supreme Elders, saying that it was only their luck that was good. But, in truth, this was simply pure envy. There were far too many lucky chances in this future, but they were nearly always accompanied with a corresponding danger. The crux was whether or not one was willing to grasp this chance, and whether or not they had the strength to take it!

If one was always timid, hesitating and waffling over every single lucky chance, that was no different than resigning oneself to a life of mediocrity! They might not even be able to reach a high stage of Life Destruction, much less become a Peerless Emperor!

“We’ll go. The three of us will go together and restrain our auras as much as possible. We will take a look at the situation, and if there’s no hope for us to deal with it, then the three of us will immediately flee. If there is even a glimmer of hope, then we’ll bet everything on this to pave our own road of Emperor!”

“Good, I’m also of the same idea!” The High Lords quickly reached a consensus. With such a lucky chance in front of them, if they didn’t even take a look then they would regret it for the rest of their lives.

These three High Lords suppressed their auras as much as possible. With a lucky chance in front of them, they wouldn’t be demure. But, they still had to be cautious as they advanced forwards at high speed!

They quickly rushed through the twisting python terrain. The swirling currents of infernal energy were broken through by them.

Within this twisting python terrain, there were a number of low-level evil spirits. To these three High Lords, as long as they weren’t evil spirits that had rushed out from the depths of the Eternal Demon Abyss after breeding for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years, then they could deal with one or two.

Like this, they slowly approached the area where Lin Ming was closed up, breaking through to Revolving Core.

But at this time, Demonshine was actually battling with several evil spirits. This battle had already been going on for a long time…

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