Chapter 635 - The Revolving Core Changes

Chapter 635 – The Revolving Core Changes

On the eighth day of forming the core, Lin Ming’s Revolving Core was the exact same size as an ordinary martial artist’s, except that the energy within was several times greater.

Compared to an ordinary martial artist’s Revolving Core, the Revolving Core within Lin Ming’s dantian was a much darker hue, and also spun several times faster.

Normally, the faster a Revolving Core spun, the more volatile and active the energy was within, meaning that when it erupted all at once, it would be much more terrifying.

With such a solid energy and fast spinning speed united, Lin Ming’s potential strength could be imagined!

“This boy is a damn farm animal, just what fodder was he fed growing up…” Demonshine mumbled to himself. Lin Ming’s talent was something even he was jealous of. Only by insulting Lin Ming a bit could Demonshine feel a bit better about himself.

At this time, the Revolving Core in Lin Ming’s dantian reached the finale of its condensation process. The Revolving Core no longer changed in size, instead beginning to take its final form. The surrounding energy within the dantian completely gathered onto the Revolving Core, continuously streaming onto this crystalline core.

The Revolving Core became increasingly round. When it was around 99% formed, the energy within the dantian began to...

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