Chapter 634 - Forming the Revolving Core

Chapter 634 – Forming the Revolving Core

Normally, the ones that die in a squad were the weaklings. Duanmu Qun didn’t think that Lin Ming would fall here. Even if he heard this news from Lan Xin’s own mouth, he found it hard to believe.

“Hehe, it’s not that the chances of him dying were high, but his death was basically determined.” Not too far away from Lan Xin, a Fey youth smirked.

If this was just after a disaster and everyone had scattered, then it could be said that Lin Ming had gone missing. But, the situation was different. They had arranged to meet after an hour but Lin Ming still hadn’t returned. If he hadn’t died then just what could it be?

“What really happened?” Duanmu Qun asked.

The Fey youth vividly recounted the process of Lin Ming’s death, highlighting repeatedly that he had loudly discouraged him from returning, but Lin Ming had only insisted on being foolish. Finally, he had chosen the wrong method to tackle his problem and ended up never returning.

After the Fey youth spoke, Duanmu Qun frowned. A lost spatial ring? This reason seemed a bit far-fetched, but still passable. If Lin Ming had really fallen here because of this reason, then that was too great of a pity. To not be able to find a rival in his life… it was like Duanmu Qun...

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