Chapter 633 - Impacting the Bottleneck

Chapter 633 – Impacting the Bottleneck

“This is an ancient Supreme Elder’s battle spirit!”

The instant that Lin Ming entered the blood red world of will, he could feel a faint coercive pressure. Although this pressure wasn’t too obvious, it still brought with it a vast and wild energy that caused the mind to shake with fear!

It was very obvious that, because such a long span of time had passed, the ancient Great Emperor’s battle spirit had already weakened to the point of being pathetic. Otherwise, how could Lin Ming have possibly captured it?

Thinking of this, Lin Ming sighed, a bit gloomily. No wonder how powerful one was before death, no matter how heaven-shaking or earth-shattering, after death, they were nothing but ashes that returned to the earth. The body rotted, their energy concentrating into a Demon God Bone. As for the battle spirit, although it was in a sense endlessly enduring, after tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years, it would slowly weaken, in the end becoming simply ‘nothing’.

Lin Ming wondered. If one could reach the highest boundaries of martial arts, could they break through the cycle of Samsara and live in perpetuity?

Lin Ming knew that, regardless of the Supreme Elder that had developed ‘Golden Roc Shattering...

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