Chapter 632 - Swallowing the Blood Demon Bone

Chapter 632 – Swallowing the Blood Demon Bone

As Sada and his squad were still wandering around, Lin Ming had already rushed several dozen miles away.

“Lin Ming, you better count your blessings. This saint knows a great number of things about the Eternal Demon Abyss, but the number of things that this saint doesn’t know is even greater. It’s true that this saint’s soul force is heaven-shockingly powerful, but my combat strength is actually limited. If an enemy comes and invades your spiritual sea with their spirit, then this saint can chomp them to bits without mercy. But, if it is a true physical attack, then it will all depend on you.”

“I’ve got it.” Lin Ming originally hadn’t expected to rely on Demonshine too much. Lin Ming glanced at the map. In truth, the jade slip that the Polaris Tower Master had given him couldn’t be totally considered a map. Rather, it was a collection and summary of experiences.

Within the Eternal Demon Abyss, a map that listed danger zones was meaningless. This was because every time the Eternal Demon Abyss erupted, there would be large-scale changes in the surrounding terrain, and the evil monsters and dark spirits would often move around to resettle themselves.

As a result, any marked danger zones and safety zones of the Eternal Demon Abyss were useless even as reference points.

Only an old horse like Sada, who had entered the Eternal Demon Abyss several times or even over a dozen times, could use his own experience and judgement to determine the risks of the Eternal Demon Abyss.

The map in Lin Ming’s hand didn’t list out any danger zones or safety zones, but rather, it described a variety of possible danger zones and safety zones. If one ran into a scene similar to what was described in the map, then they could use this information as a reference to judge whether it was dangerous or not.

“The fog is thick in front, and the infernal energy is faintly surging around. According to the jade slip this should be a place where some demon or monster is buried. The ghostly energy soars to the heavens, causing the surrounding infernal energy to become turbulent. Because most of this ghostly energy is dispersed, the chances of a Demon God Bone forming there is low. Rather, all sorts of evil beings will gather at this point. This sort of area has no lucky chance, rather, there are only dangers all around. It is absolutely best to avoid this area!”

Lin Ming promptly made a judgement according to the jade slip and bypassed this danger zone.

As he walked along, he couldn’t help but marvel at just how useful this jade slip was. No wonder the Polaris Tower Master had been so careful, and even wanted him to destroy this jade slip if he fell into a fatal situation. If a Holy Land descendant were to get their hands on this jade slip and make use of this map, then the value of it could be imagined.

“Lin Ming, be careful, in front!”

Within the Eternal Demon Abyss, the energy field would suppress perception and the thick fog would cover one’s line of sight. A normal martial artist would be able to sense a range of several hundred feet, and Lin Ming, even though his soul force was so potent, he could only cast out his senses to merely a thousand feet. This was even shorter than a mortal’s line of sight. Demonshine’s soul force, on the other hand, was much more formidable than his, so his senses could spread out for several thousand feet. It wasn’t strange for him to discover something abnormal first.

“Three altogether, they should be bloodfire beasts…”

If they could cultivate for 7000 to 8000 years, then they could even gain strength equal to a Life Destruction martial artist. But, these three bloodfire beasts in front of him were only equal to middle Revolving Core martial artists.

“Lin Ming, suppress you strength as much as possible when you kill them. The bloody infernal energy here is thick; there might be other evil beings lurking about. If they are alerted, then the consequences will be dire…”

“Understood.” Lin Ming flicked his fingers and dozens of Blood Drinking Seals danced in the air, gently trembling.

After several breaths of time, three humanoid vicious beasts rushed towards him, their bodies blazing with fire and blood. The brilliant flames on their body caused one to feel as if their soul was burning.


Lin Ming waved his hand and the Blood Drinking Seals shot out. In order to ensure a fatal blow, Lin Ming had fused a wisp of battle spirit into these Blood Drinking Seals.

A battle spirit could be attached to anything, strengthening its power. Even a withered leaf, after having a battle spirit attached to it, could instantly become an incomparably sharp killing tool, much less the already keen Blood Drinking Seals.

With a ‘cha cha cha’ sound, the crystal cores in the bloodfire beasts were instantly split in half by the battle spirit infused Blood Drinking Seals. The bloodfire beasts miserably screamed, their bodies fading away into nothing.

In an instant, three middle Revolving Core enemies were all slain. Lin Ming had taken step by step to arrive where he was now. His strength had undergone earth-shaking changes since he first came to the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

Lin Ming picked up the broken crystal cores. Although these crystal cores were far inferior to Demon God Bones in value, they were still better than top-grade Blood Demon Crystals. He naturally couldn’t waste them.

Unconsciously, several days had passed. Lin Ming had already walked around a thousand miles. His pace wasn’t fast because he was always carefully analyzing the turbulent flows of infernal energy as well as the terrain, judging the safest route possible. Sada had also done this, hence why he had been so slow in guiding them.

Within the Eternal Demon Abyss, it was better to be safe than sorry.

“We’ve walked over a thousand miles and we’ve encountered seven to eight danger zones but no safe zones!” Lin Ming said with a bit of frustration. In the Eternal Demon Abyss, the dangerous areas were naturally much more frequent than the safe areas.

“Hehe, this road is one you chose. To break through to Revolving Core in this perilous hellhole of the Eternal Demon Abyss, only you could think of something so silly!” Demonshine curled his lips and lazily wiggled his butt. He continued, “This Saint is going to take a nap. The infernal energy of the Eternal Demon Abyss has too many benefits for repairing this saint’s damaged soul. When I’m sleeping, don’t bother me if there’s no trouble, and definitely don’t bother me if there is!” Demonshine said playfully.

“I’m sorry, but it seems that you’ll have to delay your sleeping plans… that infernal energy pattern in front, if I’m not wrong, should be called a twisted python. It is one of the relatively safe zones listed in the jade slip.”


Demonshine looked up. In front of him, the infernal energy formed a gray and hazy wind, stirring up the fog into little vortexes. In fact, the infernal energy here seemed to be even thicker than normal.

“Did you make a mistake? I feel that the infernal energy here is very thick. Are you sure this isn’t dangerous?”

Demonshine had a deep understanding of the evil beings and spirits of the Eternal Demon Abyss. As for the patterns of infernal energy and terrain, he honestly hadn’t studied this. With the Demon Emperor’s strength, how could he have bothered with this? What the Demon Emperor had studied was how to catch the evil beings and spirits that wandered this land. Being able to determine what evil creature he was chasing would give him the greatest lucky chances.

Lin Ming said, “According to the jade slip, this twisted python geography continues for over a thousand miles. This is because two different flows of infernal energy intersect here and then revolve around each other, forming a ghostly energy current like a giant twisted python. Here, the infernal energy is thick in the surroundings, and the deeper you go, the thicker the infernal energy will be. But, at the very center point of this twisted python terrain, there should be a hundred mile wide area where the infernal energy is extremely thin. In the central 10 miles, the infernal energy might even be lower than that of Skysplit Tower. That is the so-called safe zone. Of course, relatively speaking…”

Demonshine scratched his doggy chin and said, “This twisting python terrain continues for a thousand miles. If you want to reach the center, that will be 500 miles. This 500 mile walk won’t be easy…”

Lin Ming faintly smiled, “That’s why I’ll have to rely on you. It’s best if you discover dangers ahead of time and then inform me so I can avoid them.”

“Relying on me? Do you think I’m some sort of slave or something? After this saint woke up, I’ve been worked so hard by you! How about this, after you break through to Revolving Core, if you obtain anything good in the Eternal Demon Abyss, I’ll take half of it. If so, then this saint will, of course, have to reluctantly agree to such a difficult task.”

“You don’t even know what there is to find yet you already want half. You really are a greedy lion opening its mouth.” Lin Ming said, speechless. “You contributed to obtaining the Blood Demon Bone so I gave you half of it. For whatever comes next, if you put in the effort, then I’ll give you half. But, if you don’t need to do anything, then we’ll split it 80 to 20. Consider that your reward for helping me break through to Revolving Core.”

“Me 80 you 20?” Demonshine asked, pretending to be confused.

“Playing this sort of joke isn’t very fun.” Lin Ming’s smile had disappeared. At this moment, he didn’t have free time to bargain with Demonshine.

“You’re too mean and stingy! We’ll divide it four to six!”

“two to eight!”

“three to seven!”

“Two to eight!”

“Okay, okay… two to eight, it is two to eight.” Demonshine could only helplessly give up. Lin Ming was the type who absolutely kept his promises. Bargaining with him might end up backfiring.

Lin Ming faintly smiled and then displayed his movement technique as he soared into the thick gray fog.

As they rushed in, the infernal energy became increasingly rich. Demonshine also played his due role. His sense of perception was far wider than the majority of evil beings’ within this twisting python terrain area.

Avoiding these evil beings didn’t mean that Lin Ming was afraid of them. Rather, he feared that fighting them would lead to stronger evil beings coming forth.

Occasionally, there would be times when he couldn’t avoid some evil beings. At this time, Lin Ming would use his battle spirit infused Blood Drinking Seals, instantly killing them without slowing down.

Like this, Lin Ming arrived in the 100 mile center zone of twisting python energy current without danger. Here, the thickness of infernal energy truly had dropped by a great deal.

Then, Lin Ming no longer suppressed his speed. He immediately launched Golden Roc Shattering the Void and in just several steps, arrived at the 10 mile center zone of the twisting python energy current.

“It’s here! The jade slip wasn’t wrong.”

The infernal energy current of the center ten miles was less dense than even that of Skysplit Tower. In this sort of infernal energy barren land, evil beings normally wouldn’t come here.

“This place is truly a remote and desolate god-forsaken land.” Demonshine glanced around, probing the surroundings. He didn’t like this place; the infernal energy here was too low.

“This is it. I will close up here for half a month and break through to Revolving Core. Then, I will enter the 1200 mile forbidden zone around the Eternal Demon Abyss by myself!”

“Boy, you are completely bonkers, sufficiently crazy! If you close up and break through to Revolving Core here you will definitely stir up the flow of energy. Even a safe zone will become unsafe. I hope you don’t become eaten by some monster spirit or something.” Demonshine lazily said. Still, he stretched out his perception as far as possible, doing the best he could to guard Lin Ming.

Lin Ming faintly smiled and then took out the Blood Demon Bone from his spatial ring, slowly unraveling the spells around it. These past days, Demonshine had used some unknown method to take away his half. The Blood Demon Bone had shrunk, and the originally savage and manic energy had weakened.

This was much more convenient for Lin Ming to absorb. If this was his usual closed-door seclusion where he had a measure of absolute safety, then some manic energy wasn’t too dangerous. But here, absorbing a simpler form was much safe.

Lin Ming grasped the Blood Demon Bone and slowly poured his true essence within. A moment later, the Blood Demon Bone actually turned a ball of dark red fluid. Without hesitation, he lifted it up and swallowed it!

A crazy and dangerous energy immediately filled Lin Ming’s body!

The Blood Demon Bone first impacted Lin Ming’s will. He felt his mind shake, and then he arrived in a completely blood red world of will!

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