Chapter 632 - Swallowing the Blood Demon Bone

Chapter 632 – Swallowing the Blood Demon Bone

As Sada and his squad were still wandering around, Lin Ming had already rushed several dozen miles away.

“Lin Ming, you better count your blessings. This saint knows a great number of things about the Eternal Demon Abyss, but the number of things that this saint doesn’t know is even greater. It’s true that this saint’s soul force is heaven-shockingly powerful, but my combat strength is actually limited. If an enemy comes and invades your spiritual sea with their spirit, then this saint can chomp them to bits without mercy. But, if it is a true physical attack, then it will all depend on you.”

“I’ve got it.” Lin Ming originally hadn’t expected to rely on Demonshine too much. Lin Ming glanced at the map. In truth, the jade slip that the Polaris Tower Master had given him couldn’t be totally considered a map. Rather, it was a collection and summary of experiences.

Within the Eternal Demon Abyss, a map that listed danger zones was meaningless. This was because every time the Eternal Demon Abyss erupted, there would be large-scale changes in the surrounding terrain, and the evil monsters and dark spirits would often move around to resettle themselves.

As a result, any marked danger zones and safety zones of the Eternal Demon Abyss...

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