Chapter 631 - Departing Alone

Chapter 631 – Departing Alone

“Demonshine, since we’ve captured the Blood Demon Bone, I plan on heading off by myself now so that group of fellows thinks that I’ve died. I have to look for a place as soon as possible and make a breakthrough to Revolving Core!”

The reason that Lin Ming kept delaying breaking through to Revolving Core was because he didn’t have a chance to. When he was walking the Road of Emperor, Lin Ming had chosen to travel the road of will lights; that was completely unhelpful to Lin Ming’s cultivation. If he practiced by himself, it would take up to a year if he wanted to make a breakthrough with the most solid foundation possible.

Lin Ming could not waste this much time.

All along, Lin Ming had greatly desired to break through to Revolving Core. Currently, rising through the small boundaries of the Xiantian realm, relative to Lin Ming’s currently terrifying combat strength, wouldn’t have too great of an impact. But, Revolving Core was different, that was a true leap in strength. That was because only after breaking through to Revolving Core would he officially enter the ranks of the masters and gain the qualifications to return to the Sky Spill Continent.

As for the battle spirit he formed before, that only increased...

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