Chapter 630 - Capturing the Demon Bone

Chapter 630 – Capturing the Demon Bone

With every step he took, the fog around Lin Ming became increasingly thick. At first, it was only like a thin layer of gauze, but slowly, it was concentrated to the point of almost turning into essence.

A suppressive atmosphere spread out along with a vivid infernal energy.

Lin Ming restrained his aura as much as possible, while keeping his mind on high alert within his spiritual sea as he waited for the Demon Bone’s surprise attack.

In the end, the transformed Demon Bone was only a high ranking Demon God Bone that had a wisp of Emperor Will within it. The only attack method it could use was also only a will attack.

“Lin Ming, first pretend that you're not its enemy while I find the location of its main body. We will have to dig it out in a single go. We will only have one chance. If we fail, this demon spirit will be prepared and it will be impossible to fool it again.”

Lin Ming nodded. According to Demonshine, this transformed Demon Bone was usually a few thousand feet deep underground; it would only come close to the surface when it was hunting. This was also the only chance to capture it, otherwise, in this Eternal Demon Abyss where...

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