Chapter 628 - Bloody Lands

Chapter 628 – Bloody Lands

“My leg? What’s wrong with my leg?” The Fey youth suddenly asked, jerking his head down. As he saw what had happened, a ringing panic settled in his mind.

At some point, without him knowing, on both his legs his flesh had started to rot into pus and blood, leaving behind only bloody foot bones to support him on the ground.

The pus and blood silently passed down. When it was absorbed by the dark grey ground, the ground became an incomparably crimson red!


The Fey youth let out a frightened cry, his body falling backwards and directly onto the ground. But, as soon as his hands touched the ground, even those parts started to rot. His flesh turned gooey, soon changing into liquid pus and blood!

His hand and wrist bones were quickly revealed, dripping with thick vicious blood.

“No… no…!”

The Fey youth was completely horrified. He waved his hands and feet in front of him as if there were something terrible there. However, his flesh was turning completely rotten. With every inch he crawled back, he left massive amounts of broken meat hanging on the rocks under him. His thighs, butt, everything began to turn into thick bloody goo, a hideous stench emitting from it.

“Save me! Save me!” The Fey youth finally remembered Sada. He put out a pleading...

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