Chapter 627 - Evil Being

Chapter 627 – Evil Being

10,000 miles around the edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss, the infernal energy was so thick that it was nearly concentrated into droplets. In this, Lin Ming could feel the energy within his body being pulled at by this thick infernal energy, as if it were faintly gushing out of him.

‘What an amazingly rich infernal energy. This fog is infernal energy that has condensed and formed into essence. If I could practice demonic realm cultivation methods here…’ Lin Ming shook his head as he thought of this. When a martial artist cultivated they would often have to enter into meditative states. In this state, a martial artist’s defensive ability would be very low. Doing that within the Eternal Demon Abyss that was filled with all sorts of dangers was simply asking to die.

“Hehe, boy, what do you think? The atmosphere here is great!” An annoying voice suddenly called out to Lin Ming. Each syllable was like a needle that jabbed into the ear, causing anyone listening to feel very uncomfortable.

Lin Ming turned around to see that the one speaking was High Lord Black Ash.

He frowned, not answering.

High Lord Black Ash didn’t mind. He continued to say, “Boy, I guess that when we’re 1,500 miles from the edge, you will continue to go...

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