Chapter 626 - The Door In Space

Chapter 626 – The Door In Space

‘These High Lords’ middle ten-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoos were originally condensed within the Eternal Demon Abyss… but I remember that the Polaris Tower Master already has a peak ten-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo. How come that old man hasn’t dispersed his infernal energy yet?’

Lin Ming could faintly feel that the Polaris Tower Master’s identity wasn’t so simple.

As Lin Ming was thinking about the Polaris Tower Master, the Polaris Tower Master’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind, “This time entering the Eternal Demon Abyss, you will go into the 1200 mile periphery to seek lucky chances for me. Understood?”

‘Go into the 1200 mile area to seek lucky chances for you?’

This was a land where the chances of dying were extremely high. After entering, he would also have to risk his life and desperately battle with others, and this fellow wanted Lin Ming to struggle for him? Lin Ming sneered. He began to agree, “I understand, but… in the range of 1200 miles there are many dangers abound. I wonder whether Tower Master has a jade slip map or something similar so that I don’t enter a danger zone by mistake.”

Hearing Lin Ming ask this, the Polaris Tower Master hesitated. The 12 Skysplit Towers had many maps about the Eternal Demon...

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