Chapter 625 - A Gathering of Elites

Chapter 625 – A Gathering of Elites

The Polaris Tower Master led everyone forwards. The fifth floor was not as high as the first four floors, it was only several hundred feet high. As the group walked forwards, it was very quiet. However, there seemed to be a suffocating sense of oppression in the air, forcing the martial artists present to summon energy to resist this pressure.

Lin Ming was very familiar with this pressure.

This pressure was the Heavenly Demon force field.

It wasn’t even just the Asura force field or Prime Emperor force field, but rather a fusion of two kinds.

Sha sha sha sha…

The lonely and desolate space echoed with the footsteps of the crowd. When they came to the end of a dark corridor, Lin Ming could see that on both sides of the following path were lamps. These lamps had a number of similarities to the lamps that held the will lights in the Road of Emperor. But, these lights had long since gone out, with nothing more than a thick layer of dust covering them.

After another half hour of walking, the Polaris Tower Master finally stopped. In front of him was a large gate with two doors. This gate was 100 feet high, and the ancient doors were carved with a number of mystical and cryptic patterns. All of the patterns revolving around the center of the gate were carvings of twelve-winged...

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