Chapter 624 - Entering the Eternal Demon Abyss

Chapter 624 – Entering the Eternal Demon Abyss

“What happened?” The others asked as they noticed the strange expression on the High Lord’s face, puzzled by what it meant.

“Lin Ming exited the Road of Emperor.”

“He finally came out? That fellow went in for seven whole months…” The Road of Emperor was different from the King’s Cage. If one wasn’t strong, then it was impossible to stay within the King’s Cage for a long time. But, the Road of Emperor was different. If one wanted to, they could procrastinate inside for a long time, thus, the time stayed within didn’t correspond to one’s strength.

“But… what I find strange is that Lin Ming didn’t break through to the Revolving Core realm.” The leader of the High Lord frowned, a bit skeptical.

“What? Seven months and he still hasn’t broken through to Revolving Core?” All of the martial artists were surprised upon hearing this. Immediately, joy flooded their expressions. To them, Lin Ming not breaking through to Revolving Core was wonderful news.

To a top talent, Revolving Core wasn’t a great bottleneck; it was just a matter of time before breaking through, let alone after entering the Road of Emperor where it was easy to increase one’s strength.

Lin Ming had been in the Road of Emperor for seven months. After such a long time, they had thought that Lin...

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