Chapter 623 - Exit

Chapter 623 – Exit

Within the black darkness, a cold light flashed. A low-grade earth-step treasure sword was tossed into the air where it was slowly spinning around.

But at this moment, the treasure sword spinning in the air began to tremble. The air around it spun into a sharp vortex, causing even the space to tremble. With a shill grinding noise, the earth-step treasure sword actually exploded in the air, turning into countless shards of metal!

After being twisted apart in this vortex, the metal fragments began to follow the flow of wind, causing the vortex to shine with a keen light. With a faint howling, space itself seemed to be torn apart. If a martial artist were to be placed with this sharp vortex they would have longed been grinded into a meat patty.

“This is the striking power of a battle spirit.”

Within the world of will, a battle spirit was the most terrifying weapon. But in the real world, a battle spirit actually couldn’t be used to directly attack; it had to be attached to some material object. A moment ago, Lin Ming had attached the battle spirit to the air, causing a sharp vortex that had twisted the earth-step treasure to pieces.

Attaching a battle spirit to the air wasn’t considered a strong use of it. The strongest use of a battle spirit was...

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