Chapter 622 - Forming a Battle Spirit

Chapter 622 – Forming a Battle Spirit

“This is the 21st stone tablet. I’ve stayed here for a full month and 10 days and only just managed to break past it…”

Recalling the experience of these last 40 days, Duanmu Qun felt a lingering fear. These stone tablets were not as simple as they seemed. Once anyone touched upon them with their perception, they would have to withstand the terrifying impact force from the stone tablets. Let alone comprehending the mysteries within these stone tablets, touching their perception on these stone tablets could grievously injure them!

Walking all the way down, of the 20 stone tablets he had passed through earlier, the pressure would increase with every one. The first 10 stone tablets weren’t anything, he had easily passed those. For the 10 after that, the difficult had risen by a great margin, but Duanmu Qun had still been able to just barely cope with that.

After the 20th, the 21st stone tablet was the true terror. Duanmu Qun had spent a total of 40 days on this single stone tablet alone.

Persisting until he had broken this last stone tablet, it was already the limit that Duanmu Qun could withstand.

As he looked at all the Emperor stone tablets that lay in front of him, Duanmu Qun could only sigh in frustration. The disparity was just too great!

Just the 21st stone tablet had caused him to exhaust every last ounce...

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