Chapter 621 - Blooming In Splendor Through Competition

Chapter 621 – Blooming In Splendor Through Competition

According to the temple spirit, the Heavenly Demon martial intent was divided into three different forms. They were respectively the Asura force field obtained from the King’s Cage, the Death God force field obtained from becoming a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon, and lastly the Prime Emperor force field from completing the Road of Emperor.

Lin Ming didn’t know what the Death God force field was like, but he had personally experienced the Asura force field. The Asura force field was absolute multi-level suppression. Whether it was physical strength, the undulations of organs, the circulation of true essence in the meridians, perception, all of this and more was completely suppressed to the point that it was several tenths less than at peak condition. The weaker one was, the harder this suppression would fall. To extremely weak martial artists, their heart might even stop if they entered this force field and their spiritual sea would collapse. This was also the reason that geniuses would die within the King’s Cage.

Although the Asura force field was terrifying, it was only for the real world. After entering the world of will, the Asura force field was no longer effective.

Now, within the world of will, Lin Ming also felt the absolute suppression of a Heavenly...

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