Chapter 620 - Prime Emperor Force Field

Chapter 620 – Prime Emperor Force Field

Lan Xin was a woman, but her will and beliefs were very firm, otherwise she never could have arrived at this point. However, when facing that soul-tearing pain in the road of wills, she really found it hard to bear, and she had to do so every day without end, from morning until night!

Even when withstanding such tortuous pain, the increase in her strength was actually limited. Lan Xin found this hard to accept.

As Lan Xin stepped onto the second Road of Emperor, she regretted a bit that she wouldn’t be able to sharpen her will any further. But this regret also disappeared soon, because she had been completely attracted to the first Emperor stone tablet.

Now this was truly worthy of the Road of Emperor’s great fame! The road of will that she had passed through until now hadn’t been much better than the King’s Cage.

After Lan Xin made her choice, at Heavenly Cloud Tower, Duanmu Qun was also making his.

Duanmu Qun’s background was even more terrifying than Lan Xin’s.

Lan Xin also originated from a Holy Land, but even Holy Lands were divided into ranks. According to the longstanding traditions of the Holy Demon Continent, once an Emperor level powerhouse was born to a fifth-grade sect, then that sect became a Holy Land.

Those Holy Lands with only a single one-star Emperor level...

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