Chapter 618 - A Shining Will

Chapter 618 – A Shining Will

The python’s stomach was like a separate world. Locked within, Lin Ming was tossed around like a leaf in a storm.


His consciousness crushed, Lin Ming gave a stiff cough, instantly feeling like he lost sense of his own existence. His brain was muddled, and his senses were in confusion, as if he had been cut off from all contact with the outside world.

“Lin Ming, hurry up and withdraw from the world of will! If you suffer such heavy damage in the Road of Emperor’s will world, you won’t die but it will damage your will!” Demonshine shouted out. But in this situation, his voice no longer reached Lin Ming’s ears.

Chaos ran rampant!

After an indefinite amount of time passed, a weak whirlpool formed within this chaos. After this whirlpool appeared, it began to slowly and gradually expand, spinning faster and faster. In the center of this whirlpool was an azure light; this light was the essence of Lin Ming’s endless will.

After this azure light appeared, it shot out like a vorpal sword, cutting through space. With a ripping sound, the void itself seemed to tear apart. The azure light pierced through all, directly shooting through the python’s back!

‘Reform the body.’

Within Lin Ming’s mind, his will pulsed with an intense belief. As long as his willpower was strong enough, he was god here. He could control all!

In the void, countless rays of azure light rapidly spun together, rapidly coalescing into Lin Ming’s body, restoring all of his senses.

Seeing Lin Ming reappear, Demonshine’s puppy eyes turned perfectly round. He never expected that Lin Ming would be able to break out of the python's body and extricate himself from danger. This was a vicious beast that was formed by an Emperor level powerhouse!


The python let out a loud roar as it rushed forwards once more.

“Purple Comet!”

Lin Ming thrust out his hand and the Purple Comet Spear instantly materialized in his palm! Blazing on spear shaft, thunder and flame howled!

“Penetrating Rainbow!”

Spear and man became one. Lin Ming shot straight towards the python!

After his will went through another transformation just now, Lin Ming’s striking power had surged greatly. On the other hand, the python itself was severely wounded.


Lin Ming flew forwards with the spear, directly piercing through the python’s jaws. The python let out a miserable cry as a fountain of blood gushed out from its head. Its body began to violently twist and contort, slowly losing the power to struggle before turning into a stream of light that floated away.

In the next moment, Lin Ming withdrew from the world of will.

In front of him, the lights that symbolized Gu Xiao’s will still burned as radiantly as before without a hint of even extinguishing. This meant that Lin Ming hadn’t been able to withstand Gu Xiao’s will.

Lin Ming had merely destroyed a python that Gu Xiao’s will had created. Lin Ming had, in actuality, failed to kill the main body. Currently, it was far too difficult for him to deal with the will left behind by an Emperor level powerhouse.

This was the will of an Emperor level powerhouse… Lin Ming took a deep breath. His back was already soaked with sweat. The recent battle had exhausted a great deal of his energy.

“Boy, you really are a monstrous genius!” Within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, Demonshine was praising him. “Today, you’ve made amazing progress with your willpower. If it continues to grow like this then you really might be able to form your own battle spirit before you reach Revolving Core! Aside from all other aspects of talent, in will alone, you are the most magnificent junior I have ever seen!”

Forming a battle spirit before Revolving Core…

Lin Ming’s eyes blazed with a fiery light. He was increasingly knowledgeable of just what a battle spirit was. For him, if he wanted to use the Road of Emperor to break through to the Revolving Core realm, then it would be easy. But if he could condense his own battle spirit now, then it would be of unlimited benefit to his future growth.

“It seemed that Gu Xiao hadn’t even formed a battle spirit yet?”

“Yes. Gu Xiao is only the lowliest of ordinary Demon Emperors. A true Emperor level powerhouse that has a battle spirit will leave behind an even more terrifying will. If the current you faces an Emperor Will that possesses a battle spirit, then you will instantly be smashed to smithereens. If you can temper your will to the point that you can withstand that sort of impact, then you might be able to form the seed of a battle spirit within your will.”


Within the tens of thousands of miles that comprised the Blood Slaughter Steppes, other than the 12 main cities, there was also a blood red temple. Blood Slaughter Divine Temple was its name.

Within this temple lived the master of the Blood Slaughter Steppes, and also the only Emperor level powerhouse of the Blood Slaughter Steppes… Luo Sha.

Titled High Lord Divine Demon, Luo Sha was also the only twelve-winged Heavenly Demon of the 12 Skysplit Towers.

The giant blood red doors opened and Luo Sha strode out of the great temple, his red cloak dragging on the ground as his footsteps echoed in the emptiness.

High Lord Divine Demon was 15 feet tall, the height of two adult men. He was considered a giant even amongst the already tall Giant Demons and Goliaths.


As High Lord Divine Demon left the temple, a middle-aged man, already kneeling on one knee, waited for him outside. This middle-aged man wore a dark blue robe and his eyes were as profound as the stars in the jet black sky. If Lin Ming could see this person then he would have recognized him. This person was the Tower Master of Polaris Tower, High Lord Limitless Demon.

Nearly no one knew that the Tower Master of Polaris Tower was Luo Sha’s son.

“Father, I have already followed your instructions and enslaved Lin Ming.”

“Mm,” High Lord Divine Demon nodded. “Lin Ming, even with a slave seal planted within him, will surely blossom in glory in the future. He will be a big boost to our forces.”

“Father, I have already sent Lin Ming to the Road of Emperor. When he reappears several months from now, his strength will surely have risen by another step.”

“Road of Emperor…” Luo Sha faintly smiled. “The Eternal Demon Abyss has erupted. Every Skysplit Tower has sent many people to enter the Road of Emperor and gain experience. These people think that they can increase their strength, enter the Eternal Demon Abyss, and take a share of the treasures. Exquisite Tower’s Lan Xin, Heavenly Cloud Tower’s Duanmu Qun, Five Color Tower’s Zhuan Yu – all of them are future successors to their Holy Lands, characters who can be called Saintesses and Saint Sons.”

“These people have all entered the Road of Emperor. Duanmu Qun is even entering for the second time. I wonder just how far in they will manage to go.”

As High Lord Divine Demon spoke to here, Polaris Tower’s Tower Master frowned. The people who his father mentioned just now were not only monstrous talents, but also had extremely terrifying backgrounds. They came from Holy Lands with four or five Emperor level powerhouses, some of which were two-star Fey Emperors or even three-star Fey Emperors!

Even the Blood Slaughter Steppes was terrified of these superpowers. They had no choice but to open a part of their resources to the descendants of those elite Holy Lands. This included the Road of Emperor and even the Eternal Demon Abyss. All of it was a compromise.

“The eruption of the Eternal Demon Abyss is rare opportunity. You will also enter!” High Lord Divine Demon ordered.

“Yes, Father.”

After the eruption of the Eternal Demon Abyss, the chances of dying within rose to over 30%. Polaris Tower’s Tower Master had sufficient strength, and coupled with his years of understanding of the environment of the Eternal Demon Abyss, his chances of dying inside were much lower.

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