Chapter 618 - A Shining Will

Chapter 618 – A Shining Will

The python’s stomach was like a separate world. Locked within, Lin Ming was tossed around like a leaf in a storm.


His consciousness crushed, Lin Ming gave a stiff cough, instantly feeling like he lost sense of his own existence. His brain was muddled, and his senses were in confusion, as if he had been cut off from all contact with the outside world.

“Lin Ming, hurry up and withdraw from the world of will! If you suffer such heavy damage in the Road of Emperor’s will world, you won’t die but it will damage your will!” Demonshine shouted out. But in this situation, his voice no longer reached Lin Ming’s ears.

Chaos ran rampant!

After an indefinite amount of time passed, a weak whirlpool formed within this chaos. After this whirlpool appeared,...

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