Chapter 614 - The Eternal Demon Abyss Erupts

Chapter 614 – The Eternal Demon Abyss Erupts

“Sir Evil God, these Blood Demon Crystals are for you.” An impeccably beautiful Fey girl was kneeling in front of Lin Ming, offering up a tray with her hands. A jade box rested on the tray, and within the jade box was the small amount of top-grade Blood Demon Crystals that a High Lord would receive every two months.

Two months had passed in the blink of an eye since Lin Ming became a High Lord.

After he faked having the slave seal planted in his body, his days at Skysplit Tower had become peaceful; there were no more High Lords plotting against him again. Lin Ming had become a true and recognized High Lord of Skysplit Tower. Now, wherever he moved in the fourth floor, every servant would have to bow or kneel to him as he passed.

“I understand. You may leave now,” Lin Ming calmly said, leaving behind the jade box.

“Yes.” The young Fey girl bowed as she excused herself. Within Skysplit Tower, every High Lord had ten such exceedingly beautiful, top quality Fey girls under their command, rigorously serving them. If the High Lords wanted, they could freely use these girls in any manner they wished.

“Your cultivation has consolidated a great deal these last two months, hehe.” Demonshine jauntily laughed from within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea.

“Indeed. Although I can’t enter the Road of Emperor, it’s quite good to be able to enjoy the other resources of Skysplit Tower’s fourth floor.”

Lin Ming had used these past two months to completely solidify his cultivation. Within the King’s Cage, he had broken through his limits multiple times, but his cultivation wasn’t steady due to this, and he needed stability in order to slowly consolidate it.

Lin Ming declared, “At most I’ll wait for another half year. If there isn’t a chance for me, then I will look for my own chance to enter the Road of Emperor!”

“Lin Ming, if you enter the Road of Emperor then High Lord Limitless Demon will know that something happened to the slave seal in your spiritual sea.”

“It doesn’t matter whether he knows or not,” Lin Ming casually said. “I’ve already investigated the matter clearly the last two years. The Road of Emperor and King’s Cage are similar in that they are both self-contained worlds. As long as I can enter the Road of Emperor, it doesn’t matter what High Lord Limitless Demon discovers. If he wants to deal with me then his only choice is to wait for me to come out. But at that time I may possibly be his match!”

“You’re right, but at that time, High Lord Limitless Demon might look for someone to help deal with you. Or he might set up a killing array to wait for you outside. You shouldn’t take such a drastic approach until you’re forced to.”

As Demonshine finished speaking, the ground suddenly and violently shook. Within Lin Ming’s practice area, the stone bed, furniture, everything began to tremble. Lin Ming was dumbfounded, just what was going on!?!?

Skysplit Tower was a relic left behind by some mysterious force from the ancient times. It contained its own array formations and was extremely firm. When Lin Ming killed High Lord Heian, the profound gold arena stage had been destroyed, but there wasn’t even the tiniest bit of damage to the actual third floor infrastructure. Thus, one can see just how solid and stable Skysplit Tower really was.

Such a sturdy Skysplit Tower could actually shake?

The shaking continued, and it was even becoming more and more violent. Lin Ming was amazed. Just what was going on?

Lin Ming left the practice area and discovered that the corridors, halls, roads, distant temples and buildings—everything was shaking. The entire Skysplit Tower was swaying!

Just what was this?

It wasn’t just Lin Ming but also Skysplit Tower’s servants who were panicking. Skysplit Tower seemed ready to collapse at any moment due to these vibrations. It was at a height of tens of thousands of feet!

Lin Ming wasn’t sure what was happening when he just happened to see High Lord Bloodfire pass by. “Brother Bloodfire, what is going on?”

High Lord Bloodfire actually had a joyous expression plastered on his face at this time. “Brother Lin, I never thought that our lucky chance would arrive so soon. The shaking of Skysplit Tower should be because… the Eternal Demon Abyss has erupted!”

“The Eternal Demon Abyss erupted?”

Lin Ming paused. In a jade slip that had been left behind after High Lord Heian’s death, it had recorded such eruptions of the Eternal Demon Abyss. Every several decades or even centuries, the Eternal Demon Abyss would have a large-scale eruption just like a volcano.

Then, a massive amount of infernal energy would gush out. Simultaneously, some Demon God Bones would be thrust out of the Eternal Demon Abyss with this massive amount of infernal energy.

For millennia upon millennia, the reason that people could find Demon God Bones at the very outer edges of the Eternal Demon Abyss was all thanks to these natural eruptions.

After every eruption, those martial artists that braved the Eternal Demon Abyss would have great harvests, but correspondingly, would suffer higher risks as well. After the Eternal Demon Abyss erupted, the violent surges of energy would overflow and form various danger hotspots and death zones, causing people to die when they wandered into these places.

Lin Ming also remembered that in that jade slip, it stated that in the last millennium, 170 High Lords had fallen victim to the Eternal Demon Abyss. Of these High Lords, half of them perished because they explored the Eternal Demon Abyss right after these eruptions.

“Brother Lin, the eruption of the Eternal Demon Abyss can last for several months or even a year. During this time period, anyone who enters will die. But after the eruption ends, the Eternal Demon Abyss will enter a stable period. When that happens, we can enter the Eternal Demon Abyss together and seek lucky chances for Sir Chief High Lord as well as ourselves. For these following days, you should prepare for this!” High Lord Bloodfire excitedly said.

“Seek lucky chances for the Chief High Lord?” Lin Ming looked at High Lord Bloodfire with pity in his eyes. To risk his own life to look for lucky chances for others, and also to do it with such joy in his eyes, in a manner that he couldn’t wait to go, was truly the horrifying nature of the slave seal. With the slave seal planted within you, it would be better to die!

At this moment, two sound transmitting talismans appeared in front of High Lord Bloodflame as well as Lin Ming. The contents of the messages were similar; it was about the matter of the Eternal Demon Abyss eruption, as well as telling the two to prepare for this, increasing their strength as much as possible in order to enter the Eternal Demon Abyss.

But at the end of this sound transmission, there was some news that overjoyed Lin Ming. This was because Lin Ming was allowed to enter the Road of Emperor to increase his strength, so that he could better prepare for this journey into the Eternal Demon Abyss.

“Road of Emperor!”

Lin Ming took a deep breath.

His wait was finally over!

Life was full of twists and turns. Because of the eruption of the Eternal Demon Abyss, he finally had the chance to gain entry to the Road of Emperor!

As long as he could enter the Road of Emperor, even if he couldn’t break through to the Revolving Core realm, Lin Ming believed he wouldn’t need to fear High Lord Limitless Demon anymore!

“Haha, Brother Lin, congratulations! As long as you are loyal to Sir Chief High Lord, he will not treat you unjustly. Do you want to prepare a bit or would you like me to bring you there now?” High Lord Bloodfire had also received similar news.

“No need, let’s go now,” Lin Ming calmly said as he tamped down the rising elation in his heart. He had food and drinking water in his spatial ring so he didn’t need to make special preparations.

“Good! Let’s go then!”

High Lord Bloodfire led the way. The Road of Emperor was located in the center of the third floor. After journeying down several roads and corridors, they finally came to a temple. This temple was built entirely out of obsidian, and when stepping into it, it seemed as if it was a completely separate dimension.

Within this temple, there were all sorts of ferocious and savage looking demon statues. Without exception, all of these statues were twelve-winged Heavenly Demons.

And a massive blood red altar was surrounded by these statues. This altar constantly emanated a rich infernal energy, as if it were completely carved from Blood Demon Crystals.

“The entrance to the Road of Emperor is above that altar. Step onto the altar and sprinkle your blood onto it, after which you will be able to enter the Road of Emperor. Brother Lin, I wish you good luck.”

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