Chapter 613 – Demonshine, Go!

Chapter 613 – Demonshine, Go!

Travelling along the dark corridor, all the way into the deepest depths of the fourth floor, High Lord Bloodfire finally arrived in front of a shadowy temple. As he opened the door, there was only a gently creaking sound as it swung open.

The darkness within that temple hall was like the endless maw of a ravenous beast.

“If you please, High Lord Evil God.” High Lord Bloodfire said with a twisted smile.

Behind him, several other High Lords followed, faintly cutting off Lin Ming’s escape paths.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment before Demonshine’s voice sounded out in his mind, “Go in, they don’t matter.”

As Lin Ming stepped inside, his field of vision completely darkened.


The door leading in slammed shut. Lin Ming felt as if he had fallen into a completely separate dimension. There was no sound, no light, nothing at all.

“Don’t worry. Everything you’re seeing is an illusion, including this great hall and even the door into here. In fact, when you entered through the door you actually passed into an illusory magic array arranged by that old fellow. Look, that old fellow is standing right in front of you at this moment. He wants to take advantage of the moment when you're startled and plant a slave seal in you!”

“Illusory magic array?”

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He was very familiar...

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