Chapter 612 - The Only Way Out Of This Desperate Situation

Chapter 612 – The Only Way Out Of This Desperate Situation

“The Heavenly Demon Tattoo is helpful to you?” Lin Ming asked, puzzled.

“Hehehe, this Saint is originally a demonic cultivator and the Heavenly Demon Tattoo can condense infernal energy. The more demon wings there are the more infernal energy there is and the better the effects are. Of course it’s a great help to this Saint. This Saint already woke up a year ago, but because the infernal energy here is so rich, this Saint chose return to a sleeping state in order to slowly recover my strength. This Saint also has a general understanding of what has happened for the past year. A twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo is absolutely something that you cannot miss out on. This Saint is depending on it to help recover strength! If you run now, then the Heavenly Demon Tattoo will slowly dissipate and all that effort for the last year or two will be completely wasted!”

The two of them were directly communicating using their souls. Although there was a very complex conversation happening between them, all of this happened in just a brief moment. Lin Ming eagerly asked, “What level has your soul force been restored to?”

Demonshine smugly smiled and said, “This Saint’s soul force has been restored to about the standard I was at when I was sucked into the space of the Magic Cube.”

“The same...

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