Chapter 611 - Skysplit Tower’s Tower Master

Chapter 611 – Skysplit Tower’s Tower Master

Either choose to leave now or chose to fight with the 10 High Lords?

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank, his right hand subconsciously tracing his spatial ring.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone on the third floor, none of these people dared to do anything to Lin Ming. But on the fourth floor, if a fight broke out, the martial artists on the third floor wouldn’t necessarily know.

“Don’t be so nervous. When I say fight, I mean a match on the martial arena stage. Unless I’m forced far enough I won’t resort to doing something so silly like breaking the established rules.”

The black-robed person slowly said. The implicit meaning behind his words was that if Lin Ming insisted on staying in Skysplit Tower and insisted on entering the Road of Emperor, then he wouldn’t hesitate to break the rules of Skysplit Tower and ruin its reputation to kill Lin Ming.

Martial arena battle…

Lin Ming fell into a silence. He wasn’t so brazenly confident to the degree that he felt he was invincible within Polar Skysplit Tower. Not to mention a potential continuous revolving fight, he didn’t even feel fully confident he could defeat this black-robed man in front of him.

The black-robed man’s eyes studied Lin Ming, his starry eyes seeming as if they could completely understand him. “Lin Ming,...

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