Chapter 609 - High Lord Heian’s Inheritance

Chapter 609 – High Lord Heian’s Inheritance

The storytelling old man was scared. He quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, this lowly one has only heard everyone say this so that’s why I…”

“You’re just a mortal, so what the hell do you understand.” The Imp martial artist angrily said.

“Consider it over.” The Imp martial artist’s companion waved his hand. “Kai Yang probably isn’t Lin Ming’s match. Lin Ming entered the King’s Cage for 108 days. After he came out, he probably had the strength to rank near the front of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars.”

“It’s already been several quarter hours since the match started. I think that the results have already come out. Lin Ming should be able to defeat Kai Yang, but I wonder how his fight with Maha went?”

“F*ck, I wish I could watch the match. This sucks!”

As the martial artists in the restaurant talked amongst themselves, the storytelling old man didn’t know if he should continue.

And at this time, the martial artists suddenly heard a loud noise outside of the restaurant, growing louder and more excited with every passing moment.

“What’s going on?”

The several martial artists were suspicious and were preparing to go out to take a look, when suddenly a martial artist ran in, almost crashing into the group.

The several martial artists were about to lose their temper until they discovered that this person was their companion.

“Big news! Big news!” The martial artist yelled as soon as he passed the door.

“What’s going on? Why are you so freaked out?”

“Skysplit Tower’s High Lords have changed. Lin Ming has replaced High Lord Heian as a new one of the 12 High Lords, given the title of High Lord Evil God!” The martial artist frantically said.

“What did you just say?” The martial artists were stunned. Their first reactions were disbelief, “Lin Ming replaced High Lord Heian? How is that possible? Then what about High Lord Heian?”

“High Lord Heian seems… seems to be dead… dead…”

As the martial artist spoke with ambiguity, everyone present was shocked, completely petrified.

High Lord Heian… died?


Within Skysplit Tower, the news of Lin Ming killing High Lord Heian was spreading at a terrifying speed!

Nearly every martial artist on the third floor was in the martial arena at the moment, so they of course knew the moment that Lin Ming killed High Lord Heian. Of course, the martial artists of the first floor and second floor were much slower in finding out the news.

But this didn’t take over an hour.

A High Lord was killed! This was the greatest event that had happened in Skysplit Tower for the last few hundreds of years!

When people heard this news, many of them were filled with disbelief, because these were basically rumors. But as the news began to spread through the entire Skysplit Tower, and with the high-level figures of Skysplit Tower not standing up to clarify these rumors, they had no choice but to believe.

Ten days ago, the news of Lin Ming’s three man revolving fight with Yan Chi, Maha, and Kai Yang had spread through the entirety of Skysplit Tower. But now, compared to today’s news, that was simply child’s play!

Initially, people had thought that Lin Ming would likely die in this three man revolving fight, but they never imagined the result would be like it was. It was simply unbelievable. Lin Ming killed Yan Chi and the rest, and then continued to kill High Lord Heian in a single go, becoming one of the current High Lords!

A High Lord was a legendary existence. On the second floor, there basically weren’t any martial artists that had seen a High Lord before. And for the mortals of Skysplit Tower, a High Lord was no different from a god, a being that they couldn’t even look up to.


At this time, Skysplit Tower’s third floor, practice area.

Lin Ming was sitting cross-legged on a stone bed.

He didn’t know about the discussions happening outside nor did he care. In fact, even the title of High Lord Evil God was given to him by the martial artists of the third floor, spreading out from that point afterwards. This was naturally a title that originated from Lin Ming’s title given to him by the King Tablet, Evil God Asura.

Lin Ming sat in meditation for a while, restoring his condition to its peak state. Then, he took out the four spatial rings he had obtained, one at a time. These spatial rings were respectively obtained from Kai Yang, Maha, Yan Chi, and High Lord Heian.

Of these four spatial rings, three were medium-grade earth-step and one was a high-grade earth-step.

Lin Ming picked up Kai Yang’s spatial ring first. Kai Yang was the weakest of the bunch, so he was naturally the poorest too.

After taking out everything within the spatial ring, Lin Ming quickly swept through it all. There wasn’t anything too valuable inside. There were pills, jade slips, various treasure, and also over 9000 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals. The value of these wasn’t too small, but Lin Ming didn’t even bother to glance at them.

Lin Ming quickly sorted everything out and put everything he didn’t need in one spatial ring and the Blood Demon Crystals in another. There wasn’t anything in Kai Yang’s spatial ring that had interested him, but this was also within his expectations.

Then, Lin Ming picked up Maha’s spatial ring.

The contents were similar oKai Yang’s spatial ring, except even more abundant. There were around 15,000 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals, which was always a great and useful wealth.

There were even some acceptably adequate pills. Lin Ming took them out and reserved them for future use.

Then, Lin Ming picked up Yan Chi’s spatial ring.

After taking out the contents, there were actually just around 20,000 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals as well as all sorts of pills. Even the treasures were the highest of high quality.

After sweeping through everything, Lin Ming picked out a jade slip from the chaotic mess. After sweeping his mind through it, he was surprised.

This was Yan Chi’s records about his experience with battle spirits.

Battle spirit…

Lin Ming pondered for a moment. When one reached a higher level in the road of martial arts, a battle spirit would become an essential part of a martial artist’s strength.

A battle spirit could grow along with a martial artist’s own growth, slowly strengthening. Thus, the earlier one comprehended a battle spirit, the more room for growth there would be.

However, if a martial artist had bad luck, poor perception, or their martial arts cultivation had already reached an exceedingly high realm, they would slowly be unable to comprehend a battle spirit.

A battle spirit was in itself an elusive and enigmatic existence, a mysterious and obscure boundary. Sometimes the more one wanted to comprehend a battle spirit, the less successful they would be. Sometimes the less one thought about it, the higher their chances of comprehending it would be. It was an indescribable factor.

The memories that Lin Ming inherited were incomplete and there was very little concerning battle spirits. With Yan Chi’s recorded experiences, even though it was probably riddled with errors and rough spots, at least it could be used as a reference point. In the end, it was better than nothing.

Putting this jade slip aside, Lin Ming waved his hand and put everything else inside a spatial ring.

These three spatial rings had contributed over 40,000 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals to Lin Ming. This was enough for Lin Ming to squander them as quickly as he could for dozens of years.

Finally, it was time for the main event. This was High Lord Heian’s spatial ring.

Lin Ming picked up the spatial ring and sank his mind inside. in the next moment, everything inside was taken out.

For a time, the entire practice area was filled with massive piles of various jade slips, pills, treasures, and several dozens of large boxes.

A rich infernal energy and blood vitality coiled around these boxes – they were obviously Blood Demon Crystals.

Every large box had 5000 Blood Demon Crystals. With several dozen of these large boxes, there were around 200,000 to 300,000 high-grade Blood Demon Crystals. Compared to the total combined wealth of Kai Yang, Maha, and Yan Chi, it was at least seven or eight times more.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the wealth of a High Lord from Skysplit Tower was equal to an entire sect.

“Mm… this is…”

Lin Ming felt that within these dozens of boxes, one of them had an especially rich infernal energy. Lin Ming put out his hand and this box fell into his palm.

This box was a third of the size of the other ones. It was crafted from jade and was engraved with a sealing array formation. This array formation was used to prevent the leakage of energy.

“There’s a sealing array formation but the energy coming from it is still so potent. What could be inside?”

Lin Ming unraveled the box’s array formation and opened the lid. Instantly, an energy so thick that it condensed into substance began to escape.

Within the box, just the bottom was covered with a layer of light grape-sized red crystal. Every crystal was bright, translucent, and extremely shiny.

“These are… top grade Blood Demon Crystals?”

Above high-grade Blood Demon Crystals was top-grade Blood Demon Crystals. This sort of Blood Demon Crystal would only originate from the highest quality of Blood Demon Crystal mines. But in these mines, there was only a very, very small amount of top-quality Blood Demon Crystals that would be produced, thus they were incomparably precious.

This sort of thing was too wasteful if used to practice. Even a High Lord of Skysplit Tower wasn’t willing to be so extravagant and luxurious.

A top-grade Blood Demon Crystal was mainly used to make breakthroughs in bottlenecks. For instance, if Lin Ming cultivated to the extreme Xiantian realm and wanted to make a breakthrough to Revolving Core, then he could use a top-grade Blood Demon Crystal to greatly shorten the time needed to make a breakthrough.

“This is the good stuff.”

Lin Ming roughly counted them. Within this box, there were only several dozen top-grade Blood Demon Crystals. These weren’t something that could be bought with money alone. Even Yan Chi, Maha, or Kai Yang didn’t have a single top-grade Blood Demon Crystal in their spatial rings, but High Lord Heian actually had several dozen of them at once. From this alone, one could see just how wealthy the High Lords of Skysplit Tower were.

“High Lord Heian collected so many top-grade Blood Demon Crystals… he was probably preparing to make his breakthrough to a four-star Demon King.”

To martial artists from the demon races, such as the Giant Demons or Imps, the step from a three-star Demon King to four-star Demon King was similar to a human martial artist’s leap from Revolving Core to Life Destruction. It was not a small hurdle.

After a Skysplit Tower High Lord broke through to a four-star Demon King, they would then leave Skysplit Tower. Otherwise, if they stayed within the Blood Slaughter Steppes for too long, then there was a chance they would be killed by the mystical power within the Eternal Demon Abyss.

As Lin Ming was putting away these several dozen top-grade Blood Demon Crystals, his mind suddenly stirred. “There seems to be something here…”

Taking out all of the top-grade Blood Demon Crystals, Lin Ming found that there was actually a hidden space at the bottom of the jade box. He pulled open the cover to reveal a small space just several inches wide.

Within this space were two glass beads, one black and one white.

As Lin Ming saw these two colored glass beads, he sucked in a deep breath. These were… Demon God Bones!

Two Demon God Bones! And both of them were much larger than the one that Xing Tian had!

Lin Ming was secretly flabbergasted.

It was impossible to measure the value of a Demon God Bone with Blood Demon Crystals.

Every 10 years, the Eternal Demon Abyss would have a period where it became relatively quiet and tranquil. During this time, Skysplit Tower’s High Lords would send out teams of people to scour the boundary edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss, sometimes even going themselves.

Demon God Bones were formed when the rich energy within the Eternal Demon Abyss became thick to the point that it was a liquid and then condensed over a period of tens of thousands of years or even a hundred thousand years; it was far incomparable with Blood Demon Crystals. It was of tremendous help to the cultivation of martial artists from any race. Demon God Bones could even help a Demon King or Life Destruction powerhouse attack the bottleneck to becoming an Emperor level powerhouse. Just from this alone, one could see that its effects were similar to the Nirvana Dragon Root, and in fact, the value of a Demon God Bone was comparable to a Nirvana Dragon Root.

Although the Nirvana Dragon Root was rare, it was still only a medical plant found in the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden. The Demon Emperor had initially only been a very strong Emperor level powerhouse. But, the Demon God Bone originated from the Eternal Demon Abyss, and that mystical and strange presence within the Eternal Demon Abyss was far from what the Demon Emperor could compare with when he was still in the Sky Spill Continent.

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