Chapter 609 - High Lord Heian’s Inheritance

Chapter 609 – High Lord Heian’s Inheritance

The storytelling old man was scared. He quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, this lowly one has only heard everyone say this so that’s why I…”

“You’re just a mortal, so what the hell do you understand.” The Imp martial artist angrily said.

“Consider it over.” The Imp martial artist’s companion waved his hand. “Kai Yang probably isn’t Lin Ming’s match. Lin Ming entered the King’s Cage for 108 days. After he came out, he probably had the strength to rank near the front of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars.”

“It’s already been several quarter hours since the match started. I think that the results have already come out. Lin Ming should be able to defeat Kai Yang, but I wonder how his fight with Maha went?”

“F*ck, I wish I could watch the match. This sucks!”

As the martial artists in the restaurant talked amongst themselves, the storytelling old man didn’t know if he should continue.

And at this time, the martial artists suddenly heard a loud noise outside of the restaurant, growing louder and more excited with every passing moment.

“What’s going on?”

The several martial artists were suspicious and were preparing to go out to take a look, when suddenly a martial artist ran in, almost crashing into the group.

The several martial artists were about to lose...

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