Chapter 606 - Contract Beast – Isolation Dragon

Chapter 606 – Contract Beast – Isolation Dragon

Lin Ming had completely evaded High Lord Heian’s two sword strikes. However, the sleeve of his right arm had been turned to dust; this was caused by the Concept of Annihilation.

“Your speed’s not bad. I wonder how long you can hide for!” High Lord Heian gripped his sword with one hand and used the other to draw a circle in space. Then, a black light shot out of this circled and twined itself around High Lord Heian. After several breaths of time, this black light condensed into a black python.

This python was the thickness of an arm and its entire body was covered in a red pattern. What was strange was that this pattern was constantly changing, the colors and shapes converging and parting, causing them to appear dazzling. The python’s forehead had a demonic brand that looked similar to the Heavenly Demon Tattoo. And in the center of this brand was unexpectedly a single horn. This horn was shaped like a spiral and glittered with a cold light.

“Contract beast?”

There were some martial artists that would raise a contract beast in order to increase their own strength. For instance, Mu Qianyu’s Little Flame and Yan Mo, who had been left in the Southern Wilderness by the Sorcerer,...

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