Chapter 604 - Why Don’t You Come Down and Play With Me?

Chapter 604 – Why Don’t You Come Down and Play With Me?


At this moment, Lin Ming grasped the Purple Comet Spear and pointed it towards Yan Chi.

Yan Chi’s complexion suddenly became extremely ugly.

He had carefully arranged his tactics and also used his battle spirit; this was the strongest strike that he could use. But even so, it had still failed. If they continued to fight, then the result was almost already decided!

“Lin Ming! Stop here! Don’t force me!” Yan Chi grasped his black sword as he grit out the words between clenched teeth.

“Force you?” Lin Ming smiled, “Are you joking with me? When the three you thought to continuously fight me and wear me down, you think that I was forcing you? At that time, you should have thought of this moment. This is a life or death battle. If I was the one losing, do you really think that you would have stopped here? Now that I’m winning, you’re telling me not to force you? Is there anything so ridiculous in this world?”

Lin Ming sneered. With a flick of the Purple Comet Spear, arcs of electricity and fire began to twine together at the spearpoint.

“Don’t think that I’m really afraid of you. If I detonate this battle spirit that I obtained from the Road of Emperor, I will make it so that both of us die!” Yan Chi’s eyes flashed with madness. Now that Yan Chi was pushed this far, he had abandoned his cowardice. He would absolutely...

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