Chapter 602 - Another Killing

Chapter 602 – Another Killing

Use his flesh and blood body to step into the Saber Light Domain?

What a joke!

Such terrifying saber light was also coupled together with the Concept of Annihilation; everything would be crushed upon entry. Generally speaking, a martial artist’s bodily true essence protection was the same as scrap paper when faced with these saber lights. Even though Lin Ming’s true essence was thick, there was a limit to what it could do. It was impossible for him to depend on his bodily true essence alone to block this storm-like attack.

“What he is doing?”

“He’s taking another step forwards… he wants to enter the Saber Light Domain!”

In the special guest section, Feng Shen’s eyes were glued onto Lin Ming. He himself had fought with Maha once. When he faced Maha’s Saber Light Domain, he didn’t have any better method than to delay the battle and slowly whittle the domain away through a battle of attrition.

Now, Maha’s strength had obviously risen by another level and his Saber Light Domain became correspondingly more terrifying. To walk into the Saber Light Domain with just their body, even a High Lord would die like this!

Maha also wasn’t sure just what Lin Ming was trying to do. He glared at Lin Ming, his true essence revolving to the limit as he said, “If you’re trying some...

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