Chapter 601 - Saber Light Domain

Chapter 601 – Saber Light Domain

For a time, every martial artist's eyes turned onto Maha!

Maha coldly snorted, “It’s like you believe you’re invincible!”

He moved. Crossing hundreds of feet with a single step, Maha arrived directly atop the arena stage.

“You killed Kai Yang, now you think you’ve already won against me?” Maha’s mouth twisted. He couldn’t help but acknowledge Lin Ming’s soul defense abilities. He had actually even resisted the Emperor Will!

However, none of this mattered to him. Maha was a Giant Demon martial artist. His main form of combat had always been and would always be related to violent and close-combat fighting. Soul attacks were primarily the domain of the Imps.

He extracted the long saber from his back. Maha’s saber blade was seven feet long, and in addition to the hilt, this weapon was as long as an adult male. The saber ridge was three feet thick, and the weapon itself weighed no less than several tens of thousands of jins. Giant Demon martial artists generally loved using heavy weaponry like this.

“Words are useless, let’s fight!”

Lin Ming snapped the Purple Comet Spear in his hand. On the spearpoint, electricity sparkled.

Maha gripped his saber with both hands. Clouds of demon essence began to gather around him. With a cut of his saber, saber energy swept out, and wherever it went, tiles...

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