Chapter 600 - Instant Death

Chapter 600 – Instant Death

Lin Ming stood motionless on the arena stage, the Purple Comet Spear still grasped in his hand as if he were some stone sculpture.

But in front of Lin Ming, with his entire face covered with blood, Kai Yang was laughing, “Haha! How is it? Does my Emperor Will taste good!?”

This scene caused the audience to be stunned. Kai Yang had spent a great deal of time gathering potential for his attack, but after his strike collided with Lin Ming’s, he was the one that had been sent flying back. They thought that Kai Yang was done for, but never expected such a strange turn of events. It looked as if someone had cast a dark spell over Lin Ming. Without a doubt, this was the mystery that had been added to Kai Yang’s strike just now.

“Emperor Will… what is that? It sounds dangerous!”

“Lin Ming… he… it looks like he can’t move!”

“That Emperor Will is definitely some sort of soul attack. Kai Yang...

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