Chapter 599 - Fighting Kai Yang

Chapter 599 – Fighting Kai Yang

On the day of the decisive battle, near the martial arena in a refined restaurant.

At this time, there were only several minutes of time left before the start of the battle.

“Lin Ming, High Lord Heian has made it clear that he wants you to die. Why would you still accept three continuous matches? This sort of fight isn’t even fair. Not even Feng Shen would dare to be so brash!”

Opposite Lin Ming, Muk Gu was sitting down. He was looking at a large hourglass at the side of the room while shaking his head.

This hourglass had 100 scale measurements on it. Every division was a quarter hour. One day was just about 100 of these measurements. As the sand flowed down the hourglass, it was closing in on the halfway mark. This was also when the match would begin.

Lin Ming was slowly drinking a cup of wine as he said, “The reason I agreed to this fight is because I wanted to grow my Heavenly Demon Tattoo.”

Lin Ming was now an early eight-winged Heavenly Demon. If he wanted to form a ten-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo, then he naturally had to fight with the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. High Lord Heian’s arrangements were what he had been earnestly wishing for.

“You’re also thinking of forming your Heavenly Demon Tattoo right now?” Muk Gu...

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