Chapter 597 - No Backing Down

Chapter 597 – No Backing Down

Skysplit Tower’s enforcement team represented the 12 High Lords! Who would have the courage to so brazenly attack them?!

To attack the enforcement team meant opposing the 12 High Lords. In Skysplit Tower, the 12 High Lords were the emperors, they controlled life and death in their hands!

Now, Lin Ming had just blatantly slapped the High Lords’ faces.

Moreover, although the enforcement team members’ talents weren’t too high, their ages were. They were not weak. Otherwise, why would they have the ability to enforce the law on the third floor?

But just now, five or six of them had been casually struck by Lin Ming and sent flying back!

“To use fingers as his spear and sweep away the entire enforcement team!”

“What a terrifying spear light. Although it wasn’t even aimed at me, I still felt my heart shake!”

The surrounding martial artists...

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