Chapter 596 - To Use Fingers As a Spear

Chapter 596 – To Use Fingers As a Spear

After Maha’s words, Kai Yang also recovered from his shock. Although Lin Ming’s talent was high, it wasn’t enough for him to dread.

For a martial artist’s improvement, the King’s Cage fell far short of the Road of Emperor.

Lin Ming had undoubtedly grown stronger within the King’s Cage. But, they hadn’t been lazing around either; they had entered the Road of Emperor during these past months!

They were completely different levels of practice areas. How could their gains be any worse than Lin Ming’s!

‘Good! Then before my fight with Feng Shen, I will fight Lin Ming as a warmup, hehe!’ Yan Chi licked his lips, his eyes shining with voracity. He too was thinking of fighting with Lin Ming.

Yan Chi had absolute belief in the increase of his strength. Much less, they had originally been stronger than Lin Ming to...

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