Chapter 595 - Sacrifice To My Saber

Chapter 595 – Sacrifice To My Saber

A fountain of blood erupted 20 feet into the air. The Giant Demon’s eyes were as large as brass bells. He stared at Lin Ming, his eyes and mouth twisted, his last expression pained and unable to die in peace.

“Lin Ming!”

All the other martial artists were scared silly. Lin Ming had killed someone, and in an area that prohibited fighting!

“Everyone split up and run! Wait for the enforcement team to come!”

A martial artist suddenly shouted. After all, he was someone who had experienced countless slaughters on the edge of life and death. Although he was afraid, he could still stay calm.

An Imp martial artist ran away quickly as he pulled out a sound transmitting talisman, readying to send a sound transmission to the High Lord responsible for the enforcement team.

However, as he was preparing to light his sound transmitting talisman, he suddenly felt his speed slow down, everyone lagging around him. No matter how fast he ran he couldn’t run quickly. This sort of feeling made him go crazy.

As he pinched the sound transmitting talisman with one hand, he didn’t even have time to use it before he felt something ice cold behind him. He watched helplessly as something shot out from his chest, right over the position of his heart, causing a spray of blood to follow behind it. This terrifying speed formed a sharp contrast to the slow movements he was mired in.

His body softly plopped to the floor… a pool of blood quickly formed around him…

The three escaping martial artists were instantly killed by Lin Ming. Even from the time that he had killed the Giant Demon martial artist, killing these four had only taken several breaths.

“Lin Ming… you killed me… you will die too!” The Imp martial artist hadn’t died yet, still on his last breath. His heart was completely broken, and blood welled up from his body.

He clenched his teeth as he spat out this final threat, but he didn’t find any trace of panic on Lin Ming’s face, only finding a cruel sneer and ridicule there.


A foot crushed his throat and the Imp martial artist stopped breathing!

Of these five people that had died, four of them were challengers, and all of them were strong seniors. After they died, the infernal energy on their bodies began to dissipate, forming fierce Heavenly Demon phantoms that rushed towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming coldly humphed. The Heavenly Demon force field erupted!

Four Heavenly Demon phantoms were directly crushed to smithereens by the force field, turning into pure infernal energy that flowed into Lin Ming’s body.

Lin Ming was a peak six-winged Heavenly Demon. Since these four challengers were all characters that could enter this special practice area, the amount of infernal energy they had was no less than Lin Ming’s.

Four forces fused into one and instantly rushed into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea! It rushed forwards with a menacing aura, vowing to swallow Lin Ming’s mind!

Lin Ming coldly snorted. The Samsara martial intent revolved, twisting this tempestuous energy into shreds!

The infernal energy finally scattered completely and began to slowly be absorbed by Lin Ming. The Heavenly Demon Tattoo on his arm rapidly formed a fourth pair of wings. The blurred outline of the wings became increasingly distinct. Finally, it reached the early eight wings before ceasing to grow.

An early eight wings was almost at the standard of the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars.

Taking a long breath, Lin Ming shook his head, his heart brimming with an irrepressible killing intent that was impossible to satiate.

Although Lin Ming had the Samsara martial intent and was able to defend his heart and mindset, after all these long years of killing and death battles, it had formed an incorrigible bloodlust that was hard to alleviate.

Not just that, but he had also been stuck within the King’s Cage for an entire 108 days, constantly having to withstand the massive pressure of the Heavenly Demon force field. His spiritual and mental concentration had been highly tensed the entire time, and all of this was thanks to the plotting of the 12 High Lords!

If he didn’t just happen to have the Nameless Divine Pill and the Demon God Bone, both with energies that were polar opposites of each other, and having the lucky coincidence that they would battle each other and open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, then Lin Ming would have likely died in the King’s Cage.

This grudge, hostility, and killing intent had all been suppressed for a long time.

Now it had instantly erupted, affecting Lin Ming’s mindset for a brief period.

Lin Ming took the spatial rings from the four dead martial artists, and also used their blood essence to form new Blood Drinking Seals. Then he tossed a ball of fire at them, burning their corpses to ashes.

Stepping out of this room, Lin Ming opened the heavy stone doors and came into the great hall of the special practice area.

The hall was very broad, shaped like a square that was 1000 feet wide and long. The one-armed Deacon Bai was busily attending to a few people.

In that brief battle just now, because it had been too short and there hadn’t been any loud earth-shattering sounds, these factors coupled with the spells that covered the stone door made it so that the martial artists outside hadn’t noticed anything.

As the stone door rumbled open, Deacon Bai looked in surprise towards the direction of the stone gate. He saw a single young man with tattered blue robes, waist-long hair, and an expressionless face stepping out.

Then, Deacon Bai turned completely stunned.

With him, the few other martial artists in the room also fell into a stupefied daze.

Lin… Lin Ming!

After fusing with the Heavenly Demon martial intent, Lin Ming’s body was constantly releasing a pressuring aura, whether he was doing it intentionally or not. This made it so that when someone looked at him they felt their hearts gripped and found it difficult to breathe.

At this point, this pressure had unknowingly enveloped the entire hall. The few people in there suddenly fell silent.

Lin Ming hadn’t died yet?

He had stayed in the King’s Cage for almost four whole months!

He was still alive!?!?!?


News of Lin Ming’s return spread through the entire Skysplit Tower like a twister. Everyone, whether they were human, Giant Demon, Fey, or any other race were all completely shocked.

This was beyond all results in history, beyond all results that would be in the future!

This was completely unprecedented from ancient times until now!

The Eightfall War Emperor had only been able to stay in the King’s Cage for two months.

The Netherworld Asura, a month and a half!

Of these two people, the Netherworld Asura went missing afterwards and his achievements became unknown. But, the Eightfall War Emperor had become an Emperor level Supreme Elder, even as he had the qualifications to look down on all other Emperor level powerhouses at his level!

It had to be known that each and every person that reached the boundary of an Emperor was a peerless heroic youth of their era, each of them undefeatable Emperor level talents. Not just that, but there were even great disparities among those at Emperor level, wanting to jump ranks to fight was difficult, far too difficult!

Even in this case, the Eightfall War Emperor could instantly kill an Emperor on the same level as him!

And compared to someone that was a small realm or two small realms above him, he could still fight on equal footing with them!

Such capability made one tremble with fear!

Without exaggeration, in the distant future, the Eightfall War Emperor had hope of becoming the Holy Demon Continent’s number one powerhouse!

And now, the time that Lin Ming had stayed within the King’s Cage was actually double that of the Eightfall War Emperor!

In particular, the King’s Cage was more difficult the further one went. This meant that Lin Ming’s talent was far higher than two times the Eightfall War Emperor’s!

This had already surpassed the scope of imaginations for these martial artists…

“I can’t believe this…”

Muk Gu, who was already planning on leaving Skysplit Tower, began to mutter to himself. He thought that he had fallen into a dream. One month ago, he had still hoped every day that Lin Ming would come out, but he had always been disappointed every day.

But now, Lin Ming had finally come out. This had left him bewildered.

That Lin Ming had actually stayed within the King’s Cage for 108 days in a single go.

Was he even human?


Skysplit Tower, fourth floor, Road of Emperor!

Ka ka ka!

A stone door opened and a black-robed Imp stepped forwards from the Road of Emperor. His entire body was shrouded in a layer of black fog, his eyes were bright, and his face had a restrained ferocity and look of rapture to it.

“Yan Chi, how was it, did you make a breakthrough?”

Yan Chi laughed, “Yes! I’ve already discerned the profound and esoteric principles of the Road of Emperor! I can’t wait to fight Feng Shen now, I want to see whether or not he’s still my match! Hahaha!”

Yan Chi cackled with confidence, his wild laughter filling the entire room like thunderclaps!

Several months ago he had obtained approval to enter the Road of Emperor. Although it was said that the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars who had pledged their allegiance to Skysplit Tower would be able to enjoy massive amounts of practice resources, as for the true core Road of Emperor, one couldn’t enter it as they wished. They needed to complete tasks for the High Lords in order to be rewarded with small amounts of time to enter.

Even Feng Shen, who had a deep background, couldn’t obtain the qualifications to enter the Road of Emperor.

Entering the Road of Emperor was not minor in helping a martial artist grow stronger. The 12 High Lords feared that their servants’ strength would be too great and they would then be unable to control them, thus they placed all sorts of limits on entry.

But this time, because of the events with Lin Ming, Skysplit Tower’s High Lords believed that it was necessary to enhance the strength of their subordinates, in order to cultivate a powerful enough Heavenly Demon Seven Star that could solve their problems.

Maha, who was standing near Yan Chi, smiled and said, “Hehe, it’s rare for us to enter the Road of Emperor. It’s true that you made a breakthrough, but my harvest might not be any worse than yours.”

“Oh really? No need to hurry. Wait for me to defeat Feng Shen and then I’ll spar with you again. This time, I have 60 to 70% assurance that I can defeat Feng Shen!”

“Haha, since you say that then this little brother is also extremely looking forwards to it.” The Heavenly Demon Seven Stars’ Kai Yang laughed as he spoke.

Yan Chi and Maha were originally two of the top ranked three within the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. But, Kai Yang was one of the weaker ones. Although he too had gained enormous harvests within the Road of Emperor, he didn’t show off his abilities, instead wisely choosing to flatter the two.

However, this didn’t mean that he wasn’t confident in himself. What he was doing was patiently waiting until that one moment when he could amaze the world with a glorious moment so that he could obtain more respect from the High Lords as well as more resources.

‘Hehe, perhaps I am weaker than you two are now, but not by much. If I can obtain another Demon God Bone, then I’m confident I can surpass you! When that time comes, then this father will also be ranked in Skysplit Tower’s top three!’

Kai Yang was happily creating his own plans. But at this moment, a sound transmitting talisman lit up in the great hall, a beautiful flame flashing for a brief moment.

This sound transmitting talisman was for the three of them at the same time. As they heard this voice, all of them froze in place.

“What!? Lin Ming is still alive!?”

The three of them had all entered the King’s Cage before, and the one in there the longest was Yan Chi with 20 some days. They naturally knew what it meant to stay in the King’s Cage for nearly four months!

“How is that possible…” Kai Yang mumbled to himself. This was completely unbelievable. Was the King’s Cage that Lin Ming entered different from the one they had entered? Was the difficulty much lower?

He couldn’t help but think this. The Eightfall War Emperor had stayed in for only two months! Lin Ming, no matter how much of a monstrous genius he was, it was simply impossible for him to persist inside for four whole months!

Perhaps… after two months in the King’s Cage, the difficulty would begin to level out? Otherwise, Kai Yang found it hard to imagine to just what difficulty the King’s Cage would be at after four months.

The only one who could explain this was Lin Ming. Nobody in history had ever stayed longer inside longer than two months.

Maha thought for a moment and then suddenly laughed, his laughs growing louder and more manic. “No matter what he experienced in the King’s Cage, what I learned within the Road of Emperor was far better! This is great! Since I’ve made a breakthrough in my strength, I’ve been looking for a good match to see just what boundary my strength has risen to. This Lin Ming has just about the right qualifications to do so. I will take him as a sacrifice to my saber!”

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