Chapter 595 - Sacrifice To My Saber

Chapter 595 – Sacrifice To My Saber

A fountain of blood erupted 20 feet into the air. The Giant Demon’s eyes were as large as brass bells. He stared at Lin Ming, his eyes and mouth twisted, his last expression pained and unable to die in peace.

“Lin Ming!”

All the other martial artists were scared silly. Lin Ming had killed someone, and in an area that prohibited fighting!

“Everyone split up and run! Wait for the enforcement team to come!”

A martial artist suddenly shouted. After all, he was someone who had experienced countless slaughters on the edge of life and death. Although he was afraid, he could still stay calm.

An Imp martial artist ran away quickly as he pulled out a sound transmitting talisman, readying to send a sound transmission to the High Lord responsible for the enforcement team.

However, as he was preparing to light his sound transmitting talisman, he suddenly felt his speed slow down, everyone lagging around him. No matter how fast he ran he couldn’t run quickly. This sort of feeling made him go crazy.

As he pinched the sound transmitting talisman with one hand, he didn’t even have time to use it before he felt something ice cold behind him. He watched helplessly as something shot out from his chest, right over the position of his heart, causing a spray of blood to follow behind it....

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