Chapter 593 - Asura of the Heavenly Demon Martial Intent

Chapter 593 -  Asura of the Heavenly Demon Martial Intent


The Purple Comet Spear struck the ground. Lin Ming was only barely propping himself up with the spear shaft. His entire body groaned and it felt like he was about to burst apart at the seams.

His meridians were nearly to the point of exploding. With the entire Heavenly demon force field entering into his body, the pressure could be imagined!

Luckily, he was strong enough. If an ordinary martial artist were to suddenly bear such a great pressure, their entire body would splatter!

But then again, could an ordinary martial artist break through 13 space cages and arrive at this stage?

Once the Heavenly Demon martial intent from the entire area completely entered Lin Ming’s body, it then took his body as the epicenter and radiated outwards!

The pressure in space suddenly reduced.

“Mm… this is…” Lin Ming checked his body and only found that his true essence was swelling forth like a surging tide, much more formidable than it was before!

These past days, Lin Ming had constantly been under the heavy pressure of the Heavenly Demon martial intent. Although he gradually adapted to it, it was true that his soul, true essence, and body were all being greatly suppressed. He had to expend an abundance of energy in order to resist the pressure.

Now that the pressure suddenly vanished, he felt his entire body filled with strength, his body as light as a feather and his true essence vast and flooding forth like it would pour out of him.

“My strength has been suppressed for so many days now. It’s only now after it’s been freed that I realize I’ve grown formidable to this degree!”

Lin Ming clenched his fists in happiness. What he wanted the most now was to find a well-matched opponent and have a magnificent match, using every ounce of his strength!

This feeling was amazing! But… there was also… the Heavenly Demon force field!

Lin Ming could feel that the Heavenly Demon force field that had been within this space had engraved itself into his soul. Although the range and power of this force field was much weaker than it had been in the King’s Cage, the foundation of it was laid down and the Heavenly Demon force field’s seed had been planted. As long as he grew stronger, the Heavenly Demon force field would grow with him too.

“This is the Heavenly Demon martial intent?” Lin Ming asked.

“This is the first form of the Heavenly Demon martial intent – Asura. Now it has been given to you!”

“Asura?” Lin Ming paused, confounded. According to this meaning, the Asura martial intent was just a single form of many?

“The Heavenly Demon martial intent is not just a single martial intent, but the fusion of three secondary martial intents. Just obtaining one of these martial intents will show limited effects. If you can obtain all three martial intents and fuse them together, then you will be able to recreate the Heavenly Demon martial intent. With this martial intent alone, you can instantly kill the so-called Emperor powerhouses of your world.”

“What!?” Lin Ming was stunned. With just a martial intent alone, he would be able to instantly kill an Emperor level powerhouse?

From the sound of this voice, it was filled with nothing but disdain to the Emperor powerhouses of the Holy Demon Continent and Sky Spill Continent.

Truly, there was some alarming and terrifying force hidden under the Polar Skysplit Towers. A mere claw wiped out 12 Emperor powerhouses. That was definitely the qualifications to look down at the world with contempt!

Even so, Lin Ming found it hard to accept using just a martial intent to slay Emperor level powerhouses.

This was just too strong.

“If I fuse three kinds of martial intents now, can I kill an Emperor level powerhouse?” Lin Ming thought this was a fantasy. If this Heavenly Demon martial intent was so powerful, then weren’t the ethereal martial intent and Samsara martial intent he perceived before nothing but jokes?

“You… it’s impossible for you to fuse the complete Heavenly Demon martial intent.” The voice flatly denied Lin Ming. “Your strength is far from enough! Not mentioning fusing three kinds of martial intents, but it’s impossible for you to even collect them all!”

After Lin Ming heard this, he couldn’t help but ask, “After the King’s Cage, I can obtain the first form of the Heavenly Demon martial intent – Asura. If I condense a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo, what form of the Heavenly Demon martial intent will I receive then?”

The voice said, “If you can condense a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo, then you will be able to receive the second form of the Heavenly Demon martial intent – Death God!”

Death God!?

As Lin Ming heard this, his heart chilled. Forming a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo truly required unending slaughter. Although the number of people he needed to kill wasn’t too many, none of these people were the average commoner, but the most outstanding young heroic youths of their time!

Among these, there were some people that would step foot into the Life Destruction realm if they didn’t die. Perhaps they even had hopes of becoming a Peerless Emperor!

It could be said that in order to complete the twelve-winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo, the road he walked over involved stepping over the corpses of 100 potential Life Destruction powerhouses, or even Emperor level powerhouses!

Currently, Lin Ming was only a peak six-winged Heavenly Demon. Any of those geniuses that had died by his hands could be a peerless young leader of a fifth grade sect!

“Besides the Death God martial intent, what is the third martial intent? How can I obtain it?”

“The third martial intent is… the Prime Emperor! Through the Road of Emperor, you can obtain the third form of the Heavenly Demon martial intent. Then, whether or not you can fuse the three martial intents together will all depend on your own perception and lucky chances!”

“Road of Emperor!”

Lin Ming sucked in a cold breath. He had heard that those who could pass through the entire Road of Emperor would already be equivalent to Emperor level powerhouses.

If an Emperor level powerhouse fused Asura, Death God, and Prime Emperor, all three forms of martial intents into one, then couldn’t they kill another Emperor powerhouse on the same level with just a thought? Would it be that easy?

Even jumping ranks to kill others wouldn’t be difficult!

It seemed that what this voice described wasn’t exaggerated, but rather a conservative estimate!

“Are you a temple spirit?”

Lin Ming suddenly asked.

When he entered the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he had also met a temple spirit there. The temple spirit had originated from the so-called ‘spirit race’. All things had spiritual powers, whether it was the mountains, plants, earth, rivers or streams.

The mysterious temple spirit of the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm was a ‘spirit’ bred from a rock that had passed through countless years. Its lifespan was like a rock too, and could sleep for long periods of time. These spirits were often used to guard trial sites and other appropriate places.

The voice was silent for a moment before saying, “Yes, I am from the Stone Spirit race.”

So it was true… Lin Ming was dumbfounded. If so, then this fellow could have lived for hundreds of thousands of years, or even millions of years.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment and then tentatively asked, “Senior Temple Spirit, I was wondering whether or not you could tell me what happened within the Eternal Demon Abyss tens of thousands of years ago? Currently, what else is inside of the Eternal Demon Abyss? Who created the 12 Skysplit Towers, how were they created, and for what purpose?”

“I apologize, I am unable to tell you.” The temple spirit refused to say.

Lin Ming secretly thought this a pity. But, he also expected an answer like this. The Eternal Demon Abyss most likely involved some massive secret related to the ancient times. It was truly rude for him to ask such questions.

“I’m sorry Senior, I was rude. This experience, I would like to thank Senior Temple Spirit for watching over me.”

“You do not need to thank me, I was only doing what I needed to do. Leave now, I wish to sleep.” The temple spirit said before directly disappearing. Now there was only Lin Ming left in the empty space of the King’s Cage.

Lin Ming turned his head to see a transmission light door. Without a doubt, the space at the other end of this door of light was blocked.

“Space blocking array?”

Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a devilish smile. He didn’t ask the temple spirit to help him in breaking apart this space blocking array because he had confidence he could do it himself.

As long as he had a transmission array leading to the area of the space blocking array, breaking it was not hard at all!


Skysplit Tower, third floor, special practice area –

In the great hall of the special practice area, there was a massive array laid out. This array formation had been prepared two days ago and it formed a shining hazy light barrier. It isolated all investigation from the outside, so it was near impossible to find out just what was in there.

Every day there would be martial artists that passed in and out of the special practice area. They would naturally see this curtain of light and be curious of what was happening within.

“I heard that there is a problem with the King’s Cage. The 12 High Lords have requested for someone to come repair it. A while ago I saw this weird little old Imp enter into the light barrier and stay there for several days. I think that old Imp might be an array master.”

Outside of the light barrier, four martial artists were gathered together. Among them, a Giant Demon martial artist was casually speaking.

“Repair the King’s Cage? How is that possible?!” Another martial artist curled his lips in disgust. “These are ancient relics of the past. Let alone repair them, it’s impossible for us to even destroy them. People like us were already lucky enough that we can obtain some fortune and lucky chances from the King’s Cage. Study it? Repair it? What a joke!”

“But that old man is definitely an array master, not just that but he is also a famous one. His abilities are not minor at all. If he isn’t here to repair the array formation, then why would he stay around the King’s Cage for so long? What is he messing with in there?”

“Who cares what he’s messing with. What I want to know is when the King’s Cage will open again. Ever since Lin Ming went in, the King’s Cage hasn’t let anyone else enter. It’s been nearly four months now and Lin Ming has been dead for such a long time, yet the King’s Cage is still out of use. Just how long will it be sealed for!?”

“I agree. Our high-quality practice resources were sad to begin with, and most of them were given to the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars that pledged loyalty to the High Lords. Now that another one has been sealed off, it means we have one less practice resource!”

“Hehe, I think there are idiots who still believe Lin Ming is alive. That Lin Ming was just too arrogant and conceited. What an idiot. With his cultivation and strength he had the ability to enter the top 10 ranks of the third floor, but now he actually died in the King’s Cage! How pathetic!”

Too much time had passed. Slowly, the martial artists of the third floor had tired of talking about Lin Ming. After 85 days or so, most everyone thought Lin Ming had died, but there were still some stragglers holding out on some faint hopes that he was still alive.

At that time, those that thought Lin Ming had died naturally tossed out all sorts of insults and taunts. As for those that thought Lin Ming hadn’t died yet, they were mostly human. Their heated arguments continued, and soon… it had been 100 days!

At this time, even those that were convinced that Lin Ming could create a miracle were forced to shut up.

The proud and giddy Giant Demons and Imps naturally had to humiliate the humans. All sorts of nasty words were spat out. These days, the faces of the humans here were just swollen; every day was filled with bullying.

There were many human martial artists that were thinking of leaving Skysplit Tower. For instance, Muk Gu, he was already packing up his bags.

This wasn’t because their faces were beaten, but because the third floor of Skysplit Tower already exceeded the limits of most of the humans’ potential. They could barely linger on here in pitiful shape. If they continued to stay here, then there was a high chance they would die too.

As the topic of being able to bash the humans’ faces was raised, these four Giant Demon and Imp martial arts began to laugh. This sort of funny event naturally generated burst of excited discussion. As the four of them were talking, the barrier of light behind them gently quivered for a brief moment.

“Mm? What’s going on?” A Giant Demon martial artist turned around to look at the light barrier. The light barrier trembled from time to time, the movements becoming increasingly intense as if something were happening to it.

“Is… is the King’s Cage finally opening again?”

An Imp said, his heart happy.

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