Chapter 591 - Break Through the Eight Inner Hidden Gates

Chapter 591 – Break Through the Eight Inner Hidden Gates

The Nameless Divine Pill used a Nirvana Dragon Root as a main ingredient, and by combining all sorts of other rare and precious materials, it became a medicine even more brutally tyrannical than the Demon God Bone!

When Lin Min absorbed the Nameless Divine Pill, he had done so by melting its medicinal efficacy into a barrel of solar origin water, and even then he had only dared to absorb less than half of it.

Even so, Lin Ming’s hands had been frozen old, the pain piercing as his skin and muscles cracked open.

But now, Lin Ming had chosen to directly swallow the pill. His current strength was much greater than in the past, but the problem was that his condition was much worse!

Swallowing the Nameless Divine Pill at this time was an act of suicide!

But Lin Ming didn’t have any other method. His true essence would sooner or later deplete, and when that happened, all of his meridians and muscles would inevitably be burnt to cinders by the Demon God Bone’s crazy energy!

To use the extreme yin cold of the Nameless Divine Pill to counter the scorching hot energy of the Demon God Bone, at this critical moment, Lin Ming had chosen this crazy strategy!

He was betting his life on this last desperate gamble!

Lin Ming revolved his true essence to the limit. With...

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