Chapter 590 - Betting It All

Chapter 590 – Betting It All




The transmission array would only appear once this space cage was broken and it would only appear for a short period of time. If Lin Ming wanted to break open the space locking array during that brief period of time, then that was simply unrealistic!

Thinking of this, Lin Ming felt his back go cold.

The tiny space fragments were hidden around him, appearing and disappearing; he simply couldn’t evade them all. If this continued then he would die without a doubt!


With a light din, Lin Ming felt a cool touch upon his ear. A space fragment had scraped his ear as it flew by!

Caught up in a space vortex, blood shot out from his ear!

He had been completely unaware of this small fragment. Fortunately, it had brushed past his ear with only a bit of the power of space spreading out. If it had shot into his eyes then the consequences would be have been disastrous!

“What can I do?”

Lin Ming’s mind went into overdrive as he went on full alert.

As he noticed several more tiny space fragments disappear from the field of his perception, a flash of inspiration went off in Lin Ming’s mind – the Cosmic Melting Furnace!

That was it! The Cosmic Melting Furnace had its own world within. He could enter it!

The top treasure of the Demon God Imperial Palace was invaluable; it was at...

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