Chapter 588 - King’s Cage, 100 Days

Chapter 588 – King’s Cage, 100 Days

For an entire month, Lin Ming was trapped in complete darkness. Even breath had become incomparably difficult. All of his organs were under pressure, and every small step he took required a tremendous amount of energy. That sort of aching fatigue made one prefer the bliss of death.

After arriving at the extremes of exhaustion, it became even more unbearable than the pain. Once the pain reached the limit, one could numb themselves to it after a long time, but if one was exhausted, then it was impossible to rid oneself of that feeling.

Not just that, but Lin Ming also had to bear utter loneliness in the void of space. After all, humans were social creatures. Martial artists could withstand loneliness if they went into closed-door cultivation, but that was also in a relatively comfortable environment of their design, unlike...

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